Thursday, December 26, 2019

SecState Pompeo Hardline On Iran

The Kansas SecState builds a solid rep with his tough talk . . . This one deserves a look as the possible senate contender in Kansas is getting very specific in his policy pushes. Checkit:

Pompeo announces new measures against 'evil and wrong' Iranian regime

The Iranian regime must stop abusing the human rights of its own people if it wants Iran to return to prosperity, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said.


Anonymous said...

Pompussy gonna hold his breath if the bad old Iran don't shape up!
What a freaking wimp!
Shouldn't he be the US Secretary of Retreating instead?

Anonymous said...

Pussy, have you ever even been in a fistfight? Your mom drove you to and from school, didn’t she, because you were afraid. A snivelling little cunt.

Anonymous said...

Try knives or broken bottles, you pissant!
Want to compare scars, punchboard?

NicK said...

So he's just projecting onto Iran

Anonymous said...

^^he doesn't have much time left. He's going to be thrown under the bus by trump very soon.

Anonymous said...

The Trump doctrine as directly quoted by Trump:

"Who knows" and "we'll see what happens".

Specifically, there was also Make Iran Great Again and Make Iran Rich Again.

Pompeo's resume is just awesome.