Sunday, December 29, 2019

SecState Pompeo Earns Kansan Of The Year From Topeka Newspaper

Another sign that his senate campaign is already underway. Take a look at an article they didn't even block off from the paywall . . . Read more:

Kansan of the Year: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo focused on shaping foreign policy

Mike Pompeo never dreamed he would be America's top diplomat. Just three years ago, brandishing his investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's handling of the attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, Pompeo won a fourth term to serve the Wichita-area 4th Congressional District where he had settled in the late 1990s to forge a business partnership with friends from West Point.


Anonymous said...

What a terrible pick. I guess people that violate their oaths and sell out the country are to be lauded? This is the same newspaper that endorsed Brownback twice. Bunch of fucking clowns.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Secretary Pompeo..Army Officer hero..Graduate of West Point and Harvard Law..and future Senator from the great state of Kansas.

Good choice.

Anonymous said...

^^^ "Army Officer hero"?

After graduating West Point he served the absolute minimum time (four years) entirely spent in Germany as a Maintenance Officer in a Tank Squadron, then left the Army as soon as he possibly could to go to Law School!

Financed by Koch Industries in buying up existing businesses in Wichita, then funded in a run for a House seat, again by Koch, then named head of the CIA by Trump as a favor to the Koch Family.

Big Whoop then, smaller Whoop now.

Lied about "not knowing anything about Trump's call to the Ukraine's leader" even though he later admitted being in on the entire call, can't be trusted! Complete Trump Puppet!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Well I guess being financed by the Koch brothers is better than being financed by the Saudi's. Your boy Obama. The most corrupt Prezident in America's History. Trading 5 snakes for 1 worm Bergdahl and pallets stacked American Dollars sent to our enemy Iran. And training Isil terrorist with the help of No Name and Kerry. Oh sure we want more of those VIPERS running this Country along with open boarders and Caravans. So US tax payers can pay for their FREE Health Care. Go Soak your feet. Give It A REST Hillary.

Anonymous said...

^^^Sorry, not sorry Hillary and Obama live in your head rent free loser, but that doesn't change a the facts. You seem really old and dumb, most Trumpkins are. They repeat the same old debunked and discredited Faux News talking points as you just did. You probably need to get some new ones grampy, those are played out. Please keep your empty head in the sand and stay wilfully ignorant. Your repubtard overlords need you that way.

Anonymous said...

Awful lot of Koch hate on here, proof that jealousy doesn't look good on anyone.