Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Ruling: Old School Defense Won't Work For Duck Boat Tragedy Legal Argument

Legal argument and a review of this Missouri tragedy according to the court . . . Checkit:

Judge rules 1851 law doesn't apply in Missouri boat case

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - A federal judge has ruled that an 1851 maritime law does not protect a company from making payments to families of people aboard a tourist boat that sank on a Missouri lake, killing 17 people.


Anonymous said...

Never get in a small boat with a roof and windows is the lession here.

Super Dave said...

Why can't they just admit they fucked up and pay for being stupid with others lives.

But at same time I don't agree with huge insane payouts because you wanting to ride in a half ass boat also means you should as well be advised of local weather conditions and us a little common sense yourself.

Anonymous said...

^^^What, exactly, do you consider "huge insane"? Is that a legal term?

Anonymous said...

^^Ha!!! Stupid dave got knocked the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

^^No he didn't you just proved how fucking insane you are. Add a huge dose of stupidity with that and you're no doubt a moron. Huge insane means what losers like yourself think they are entitled to for being an idiot. It means a payment not worthy of the situation at hand.

What's insane is someone such as myself having to explain the meaning to you and you posting answers or commenting to your own posts.

Do us all a favor and go outside and run as fast as you can head on into a tree and knock yourself the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would have ever gotten into one of those deathtraps is beyond me. This isn't the first time they've sank a duckboat on that lake, it's only the miracle of the instant media that it was reported before the Branson Mafia was able to scuttle the story.