Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Rock Island Vaporware 'News' Persists

Most developments surrounding the trail and rail development have been EXTREMELY SKETCHY and suffered a great deal of scrutiny from the courts and the feds. Meanwhile, it's important to note THAT THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO DEMAND FOR THIS PROJECT. Yet politicos and transit "boosters" continue to push the route on the voting public without offering much community input . . . Checkit:

Rock Island Trail Takes A Step Forward But Still Needs Millions

Utility company Ameren has come to an agreement with Missouri's Department of Natural Resources to donate an old rail line for use as a recreational trail. The former Rock Island and Pacific Rail corridor owned by Ameren stretches 144 miles from Beaufort to Windsor and would complete a trail that would connect Kansas City to St. Louis.

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Anonymous said...

Ne nice to see Kansas Citian's riding their Walmart shopping scooters back and forth.