Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Road Trip Arrest For Suspect Rapist Also Wanted For Old School Assaults

Important work from authorities in building this case that spans the nation and might solve longstanding cases . . . Take a look:

Former Kansas City resident arrested in New Orleans now facing local sex assault charges

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A man in New Orleans and accused of being a serial rapist now faces multiple felony charges in Jackson County for sexual assaults that happened 15 years ago. The county prosecutor's office said in a release Tuesday that 35-year-old Daniel Meridy faces three counts of kidnapping, nine counts of armed criminal action and four counts of forcible rape, sodomy and sexual abuse.


  1. ^^^ sad but true, at least Louisiana will put his black ass in prison for a rightful amount of time, Petersucker continues to fail the citizens she swore to protect, she was worthless, now she’s pathetic and dangerous.

  2. That rap sheet would get him elected in Cleaver's district. He has a future in politics.


  3. yet another gentle giant persecuted for "Raping While Black"..

    just another victim of White Privilege and RAAAAAAAACISM!

  4. Everywhere you go. Same faces pop up on the NEWS.



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