Thursday, December 05, 2019


Harsh times are already underway, here's just a bit of data confirming a slowdown and the implosion of the speculative, irrationally exuberant local real estate game supported by City Hall by way of taxpayer cash.

More deets about the bursting bubble here:

KC Biz Journal: Kansas City housing market may see nation's largest price decline in 2020

Money line:

"According to a forecast released Wednesday, the nationwide market will slow because of low inventory and economic uncertainty. Overall, the number of sales are expected to decrease 0.8% to 5.23 million. In the metro, home sales will increase 3.4%, according to the report."

"The current inventory shortage is predicted to continue, possibly reaching a historic low. On the bright side, the report also predicts mortgage rates will stay reasonable, averaging 3.83% throughout the year."

Further reading from "many sides" of the economic debate:

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Bloomberg: Shoppers Won’t Save the U.S. Economy -- When economic growth depends too much on consumer spending, it’s usually a warning sign.

Seeking Alpha: The Probability Of A 2020 Recession Remains Near Zero

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The Hill: Trump's tariffs are spooking markets while the economy slows

MarketWatch: Unproven monetary policies may not work as well if the public doesn’t trust policy makers

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Anonymous said...

Housing value goes down but taxes stay sky high. THANK YOU FRANK WHITE!

Can't wait till they take you out of office. Should have never been there in the first place.

Jazzbo said...


Quinton is going to save the day with some free ass rent!

Anonymous said...

Ass rent?

Is that what the LGBTGIF community is calling it nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Well then we can blame frank white for this gigantic collapse since he thinks everybody’s house is three hundred times higher than it actually is.

Anonymous said...

How does lower inventory translate into lower prices?

Anonymous said...

Buyers be on the sidelines until the three year period for all of the delinquent tax sale homes go on the auction block.