Sunday, December 22, 2019

Redux: Kansas City Christmas Vengeance

Local mental health workers and politicos suggest that City Hall should direct funds to curb "revenge killings" but this cowtown homicide report reveals a man suspected in a killing following the slaughter of his 3-year-old son . . . The reality is that there will never be any level of intervention, counseling or taxpayer subsidized mental health care that could alleviate that level of mental anguish.

And whilst TKC WILL NEVER CONDONE ANY VIOLENCE, we can certainly understand it in this specific and tragic circumstance.

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Authorities: Man may have shot man suspected in son's death

The father of a 3-year-old boy killed in 2017 has been accused by authorities of shooting a man described as a person of interest in the boy's death. Marcus Donnell Haislip Jr., 23, was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, unlawful possession of a weapon and armed criminal action after two men were shot Nov.


Anonymous said...

Totally understandable. This isn’t like the rest of the senseless killing. If you’re not empowered to protect your family, then what else is there. We don’t go around killing kids because we have a beef with their parents. That’s mafia shit; and hitting below the belt. I wish this man well. He deserves the best defense money can buy. Send the link to aid in his defense.

Anonymous said...

He doesn’t need the best defense money can buy. Jean Petersucker Baker is a worthless prosecutor. Any medicine public defender can get his charges dropped or reduced. He might have to do some probation but that is all. Jean Petersucker Baker and whichever liberal fag judge will make sure he doesn’t go to prison.

Anonymous said...

I don't condemn him for a second. I would do the same, I would just take more measures not to get caught.

Anonymous said...

Hire someone and pay them in "cleaned" Bitcoin. This guy didn't know how to use a gun, cause he was a honest citizen, and ended up just nicking his kid's killer. Hire a pro. The police wont care if a hit is completed on a kid killer.