Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Prez Trump And SecState Pompeo Keep Playing Senate Tease With Kansas

As the IMPEACHMENT DRAMA continues the SECSTATE CONTINUES DENIALS OF HIS RUN but the Prez, as always, offers a contradictory point of view . . . Read more:

Trump says he'd discuss Senate run with Pompeo if GOP-held seat was at risk

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would "very seriously" discuss the prospect of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo running for U.S. Senate in Kansas if the state's GOP-held open seat was at danger of falling out of Republican hands in 2020.


Anonymous said...

KKKansas don't want imitation KKKris! We want the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Laughably, the GOP has been pimping the "IG Report" as a counter to Impeachment of trump, and now Barr and the other Trumpflunkies are having to try to pull off a 180 spin and attack the Report before it is even released!

More "Deep State" mythological rants coming, stay tuned Boys and Girls!

Anonymous said...

Fake News.

Anonymous said...

We've had such a great clown show of comedy from Schiff, it's time to be fair and let someone else have a go.:)

But let's wait and see what's in it! Why so nervous? Lol

Anonymous said...

9:47, you mean like KKKelly?

Anonymous said...

9:48 FTW. Barr is working overtime right now for talking points to release against the IG report because he can't withhold the report and do his own summary. Wonder how many TKC posters like Chuck will just take Barr's own report and regurgitate it? How many will read the actual IG report.

Again, IG didn't find jack.

Anonymous said...

Again, why so nervous? I mean let's see the report, right?

Or are you mad because the boutique impeachment show trial was a dry hump squirt? ;)

Anonymous said...

^^Hey stop responding to every anti-Trump post. You're a trumpkin which means no matter how many facts are presented to you against dear leader, you won't believe them. You aren't interested in facts. If you were, you would never support Trump. So crawl back under your rock. You seem to have an awful lot of free time. Go do something useful with what's left of your rapidly dwindling life.

Anonymous said...

I'll post where I like, thanks. Mostly because you just can't argue at all, and it amuses me when you're triggered, Chimpy.;)

And it's tiresome to keep explaining, but your strawman keeps failing. I'm center-left and walked away from the Democratic party when they became wholly insane and obsessed with Trump. As you are.

I know this triggers you, because in your tiny mind there is only hate-Trump and love-Trump. That's the way a child or mentally ill person thinks, but there you are.

Anyway, you should stick to topics you know something about. Bananas for instance. ;)

Anonymous said...

Trump again flunks politics 101.

Once they learn the seat is at risk (having nominated a specific candidate they think can't win), means the primary is over and it's too late for Pompao to jump in.

Pompao can't win anyway. He talks like a cheap Brownback knock off. He has told everyone repeatedly for months he won't run (he is a liar if he decides otherwise).

He his refusing Congressional subpoenas for documents and testimony. A senate candidate must respect Congress and the rule of law, not break the law.

Pompeo has no honor.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo has dishonored the USMA.