Friday, December 20, 2019


We talked about this yesterday but here's a followup because TKC is KCUR antimatter lurking in a Westside Kansas City basement like that Super Collider that keeps changing world history.

Here's what people want community journalism to look like even if very few folks care about or are willing to pay for info regarding suburban public meetings and high school sports.

Nevertheless, we share this fiction for the enjoyment of journalists who can't or won't do math . . . Read more:

Why The Shawnee Mission Post Could Be The New Model For Local News

Over the past decade, the number of newspaper reporters has dropped by half. But in Johnson County, Kansas, one news site is bucking the trend, adding reporters and subscribers. The Shawnee Mission Post, which covers about a quarter-million people from a small house on a tree-lined street in Prairie Village is on track to triple the size of its newsroom by embracing the much-maligned paywall.


Anonymous said...

If this is the model for local news we are more fucked than we think.

Anonymous said...

JoCo shopper reemerges. Nothing wrong with it. Don't be jelly!

Anonymous said...


Oh sorry

Anonymous said...

Tony keeps mentioning that SM Post is being subsidized by rich parents instead of being a sustainable business model. Is it parents? Whose parents?

He also mentions that their "journalists" are not being paid. Again, curious where that information is coming from?

Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a good business model in a market starved for local news. My fear is that because they are operating on such a tight profit model that they will be afraid to develop real hard hitting news stories.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Bingo, it will cater strictly to the PV Ghetto DemoRATS and supporters of LGBT love.

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading when they put up the paywall. Might as well subscribe to the (red) Star if I wanted to pay to read garbage.