Monday, December 09, 2019

Meet Mayor Q's New Kansas City Friends

Great quick reference for recent appointments from the current administration from one of our favorite community news outlets. Take a look:

Mayor Lucas announces appointees to economic development boards and commissions

According to a recent release, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today announced Mayoral appointments to several economic development boards and commissions, including the Port Authority Board of Commissioners, the 18th and Vine Development Policy Committee; the Economic Development Council of Kansas City (EDCKC) Board of Directors; and the Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) Board.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Jermaine is off the 18th & Vine Board? Will he have to start paying his tab at The Blue Room now?

Anonymous said...

Friends of cheepo and Gail beadyeyes, you gotta give easy well paying jobs to your family right?

Anonymous said...

Mayor McDrinkerson, the smilingest cog in the local machine corruption.

Anonymous said...

These groups can be looked at as funnels for black holes where copious funds from JACO taxpayers disappear.