Monday, December 16, 2019

McCaskill Juxtaposition Mix-up

The former Senator still has a bit of trouble keeping her politicos straight as a top cable news pundit. Checkit:

Claire McCaskill Accidentally Calls Warren 'Elizabeth Trump' While Defending Her From Trump Comparison

Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was defending Elizabeth Warren from a comparison to President Donald Trump on the subject of dishonesty when she slipped up and called the Massachusetts senator "Elizabeth Trump." On Tuesday morning's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe, the entire crew spent a solid 18 minutes going after Warren, using her recent feud with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a jumping-off point.


Anonymous said...

Nice face lift, Claire. A quarter would bounce at least a foot high off that forehead.

Anonymous said...


Great example of DEMOCRAT LUNACY:

McAssKill (a multimillionaire) defends Lizzie "Habitual Liar" Warren (also a multimillionaire) while on Liberal MSNBC's Joe Scarborough (also a multimillionaire former House Rep. who may have killed his Congressional intern)!!!

(and they all claim to be the champion for the working-class)

Anonymous said...

Air Claire’s face is pulled so tight she looks like Fire Marshal Bill. Too bad they couldn’t give her back some brain cells when they did the facelift. Maybe she inhaled too much secondhand smoke from first hubby.

Anonymous said...

She looks as silly as Hillary after her face rebuild.