Saturday, December 14, 2019

Local Community Newspaper Adapts To Ongoing Dead-Tree Media Demise

The NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY IS HEADED FOR COLLAPSE IN 2020 and that'll have an impact locally . . . Here's one community news publication making changes ahead of time in order to weather the storm. Checkit:

The Examiner is making production changes

To our readers: The Examiner is making a transition, one common to the newspaper industry in recent years. Beginning with Tuesday's newspaper, printing will be done in Columbia, Mo., at our sister newspaper, the Columbia Daily Tribune. Gannett, our parent company, has made similar consolidations across the country.


Anonymous said...

Newspapers will become a luxury item for the wealthy and well to do.

Everyone else will be stuck with Facebook for their newz and infotainment.

Anonymous said...

I think pretty much everyone is ok with the demise of the Star, particularly the demise of the people that run it and write for it.

Anonymous said...

12:11... funny person.
If they gave it away for free don’t think it would matter.
I bet if advertisers knew how few of people that subscribed that actually read it- they would not advertise.
Luxury for old people... but define luxury? Old people don’t buy much.. worse demographic for advertisers.

The star keeps subscribers cancelling by liberal policies, articles and proof is the writers that continue to diatribe after leaving.

Anonymous said...

Except this isn't about The Star, is it, dumbass? Evidently you can't read anyway.