Monday, December 16, 2019


Sadly, this won't make much of a difference to the pigeons about the condition of their public toilet . . . Everybody else has more important problems as well. Here's a worthwhile distraction from property tax blame:

Examiner: Jackson County adding historical context for Andrew Jackson statues


"Jackson County is adding a sign or plaque that refers to him as the hero of the Battle Of New Orleans but also says he owned slave and as a president took actions that led to the forced removal of Native Americans from their ancestral lands. Thousands died on the Trail of Tears, including an estimated one-quarter of the Cherokee Nation."

The only interesting part of the story is that Exec Frank White was cut out of the decision and blasts the legislature for not offering input to minority groups.

Further reading:

Is this a great move for progress of mostly an inconsequential pastime for progressive Courthouse politicos???

KCTV5: Jalen Anderson introduced a resolution to place a plaque on the two Andrew Jackson statues giving a broader synopsis of the former president’s historical significance. “No matter what race, creed, sexual orientation you are, you’re accepted in every government building. This government building shouldn’t be intimidating to you,” Anderson said.

KMBC: County Executive Frank White says he was not told about the move.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

They missed their chance.

They should have put statues of Bo Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Blacks who came here as slaves were sold by other blacks in Africa. D. Duke.

Anonymous said...

when they finally put up the MLK street signs ..somewhere..will they have a note under them that he was a serial adulterer..?

Anonymous said...

JPB is a WEAK prosecutor who'd rather play SJW and pander for votes than do her job as a no-nonsense law and order advocate.

Jalen Anderson should get gastric bypass surgery for his fat-ass before he starts worrying about a statue that few notice and even fewer read the inscription.

2 more INCOMPETENT DEMOCRATS that are ruining Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Any yet, the Cherokee Nation were slavers. They fought as a group on the side of the Confederacy. Their leader, Stand Watie, was the last Conferderate General to surrender.

But thanks for sticking up for them, Jalen Anderson. History is hard.

Anonymous said...

I wish Jean Petersucker Baker would prosecute criminals with half the passion she has for useless causes like a plaque on a statue. She has a severe lack of skill but it is her lack of effort that keeps criminals free to commit more crimes. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

Anonymous said...

just another example of Frank White not knowing what’s going on in the county , what does he do with his time ?

Anonymous said...

No mystery why Jackson County/KCMO are such effed up messes when this type of shit Is a priority to local government officials.

Anonymous said...

Nice, I'm glad they put up this sign about Andrew Jackson...makes me like him even more