Friday, December 13, 2019

KCK Housing Takeover After Outcry

Property ruling turnabout in The Dotte today as even Senators are speaking out regarding this company . . . Here's background and more on the decision:

After years of complaints, Wyandotte County judge takes control of apartments from T.E.H. Realty

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Mold, sewage and crumbling ceilings: Those are some of the issues residents of Crestwood Apartments have been complaining about for years. Friday, a Wyandotte County judge stepped in and took control away from its owner, T.E.H. Realty, in an effort to improve living conditions for residents.


Anonymous said...

T E H Realty ..based in...wait for it .... Israel!

Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...


You get what you pay for. Want to pay shit for rent, if you pay rent at all, you're gonna live in shit.

Anonymous said...

Jews own TEH?


Anonymous said...

there were previous articles on T E H --they scammed their own employees as well as renters.

but..meh..they were all biggie.

Charlie Horse said...

God's chosen people...BWHAHAHAHAH

Charlie Horse said...

"In October, Ferguson authorities told residents of one Park Ridge building to evacuate in 24 hours because a block of concrete had fallen from a second-story walkway." No wonder that town went to $shit when the Mikey Brown, the "Gentle Giant" took a cap. Most were rioting about the jews running their $hitty apartments.

Anonymous said...

Spill The Beans KGB

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

T.E.H. Realty, based in Pennsylvania, won when the apartments were taken since payments will not have to be made on something that is now owned by a government rip-off funded by taxpayers. We all got screw, while T.E.H. Reality had a good laugh at our expense.