Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Right now we consider an inevitable tidbit that a great many Kansas City metro progressives have been eagerly awaiting -- As if this humdrum word was a gift from Santa and not just VERY CAUTIOUS WORDING as the politics of fickle Johnson County remain in flux.

“The evidence uncovered by the House impeachment inquiry is overwhelming. And the facts are uncontested,” Rep. Sharice Davids said in a recent statement.

“President Trump used the office of the Presidency to solicit foreign interference in our elections for his own personal, political benefit. He pressured Ukraine’s President to investigate his political rival, while withholding millions in taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine. And since this information came to light, President Trump has defied congressional subpoenas, withholding critical documents and testimony.”

And this leads us to another Prez Trump impeachment update:

About Today's Big Deal

Democrats Embrace Controversial Strategy With Trump, Trade, and Impeachment

The radically different press conferences revealed a calculated and controversial strategy by Pelosi and House Democrats-to work with Trump on one of his central initiatives and simultaneously argue that he is a threat to the country who should be removed from office.

Prez Trump Reax

Trump calls articles of impeachment 'weak' and only reason Dems agreed to USMCA

In his first public statement since Democrats formally announced articles of impeachment against him, President Trump called the two charges levelled against him "weak" and said the only reason Democrats agreed to a modified North American trade deal was because of impeachment.

All About The Green

'Bad policy and worse politics': Dems fret trade deal helps Trump reelection

Notably, no top tier Democrats running for president have endorsed the pact known as USMCA. And Republicans are jubilant that the deal helps not only Trump's reelection but their own hopes of keeping the Senate. "That is a concern.

Double Cross?!?!

Growing divide between Trump and McConnell over impeachment trial

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are both looking ahead to the Senate impeachment trial, but there is a growing divide between the two over what that trial should look like, CNN has learned.

Witness The Wonderful World According To Prez Bubba

Bill Clinton says Congress doing its job on Trump impeachment

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that Congress was "doing their job" after introducing two articles of impeachment against President Trump

Media Blame Game

Wallace: Trump scandal bigger than Clinton

Chris Wallace on Monday disagreed with Ken Starr, who served as independent counsel during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, over his characterization of the accusations against President Donald Trump as "narrow." According to the Fox News host, they constitute "a much bigger issue than whether or not Bill Clinton lied about sex."

Fight For The Future

Articles of impeachment have been filed against Trump. What's next?

The move by House Democrats to introduce two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday came after nearly three months of investigation into whether the president violated his oath of office by pushing Ukraine to announce investigations into his political rivals. Here's a look at where we are in the process and what comes next.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

It's about time she did what the housewives wanted!

Ren said...

^^^ Ok, boomer. Now it's time to drive back to Olathe!

Anonymous said...

she's a one time wonder...buh, bye next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Going to be funny when all the Dems get called to the hot seat for questioning.

Anonymous said...

6:43 I’m looking forward to that! It’s gonna be awesome watching those morons squirm!

Anonymous said...

How did all these worthless democrats ever get elected are people nuts or are they just stupid

Goodbye Trump said...

Sorry boomers, JoCo stays blue and Pompeo loses the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Will Hunter Biden smoke some crack before being called to testify before the Senate?

Will Joe Biden toss some vodka into his shots of Ensure before taking the stand?

Will Trump laugh all the way to another win in 2020?

At least two of the answers are likely true.

Anonymous said...


one term and gone. kansas people are retarded republicans, you wont insult their messiah and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

"Weather Vane" Davids "steps up again!
She just can never seem to decide until an issue morphs into an inevitability and then can try to appear to run to the head of the parade.
The two impeachment articles are incredibly weak and it's hard to believe that they were the best the Dems could come up with.
Which makes it that much easier for the senate, including the couple potential "yes" votes, to take a walk.
And, as the country watches the presidential primary and begins to understand the actual personal consequences and costs of the "progressive" agenda, excitement and support for folks like AOC, Bernie, and Warren is already fading.
Looks like "woke" is going to sleep.
Lots of "movements, activists, protests, and marches".
Just not very many votes.

chuck said...

Main Stream Media Deep State White Boy blah blah blah

Anonymous said...


Sharice took a break from beating on women, to take marching orders from a senile old woman representing San Francisco!!!

Anonymous said...

Sherice a sexual confused failed small business owner that uses the Clever loan repayment plan has no room to talk about anyone.

Ann Coulter's Pot-Bellied Pig said...

Trump went full establishment GOP 48 hours after being elected. The GOP has spent the entire year "fighting anti-Semitism". It hasn't done anything else for it's voters all year. We vote for the GOP to "stop the democrats" and because of resentment about abortion, immigration, guns, war, political correctness and the results are always the same. We end up getting whatever is on(((Sheldon Adelsons'))) wish list because (((he))) is buying the policy agenda and nullifying what Republican voters want. Enjoy your reality-show.

Anonymous said...

All of my heroes killed colonizers....Sharice Davids. But to you idiots out there that's not racist or a threat now is it?

This ugly freak with the daddy issue and the mother who did all the boys, has a pretty big dildo and needs to shove it into her big mouth. She doesn't even know what this impeachment is about. She has failed at everything she has tried to do in life, ran out on her debts for someone else to pay, and is a failure now. Maybe someone will throw her a smallpox infested blanket.
Impeach our President you dirty Indian I dare you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only two vague allegations of wrongdoing---not going to happen!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ When did bribery become vague? Weird. Resign now Trump. Would like to see him walk out of the White House in handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Bull spit.

I love my President.

He will win and get another term while he as it. We want to Make America Great again, not make the Ho-Chunk nation come back.

No thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a bold and brave stance taken by Sharice!!

Anonymous said...

That dumb cunt's campaign keeps calling and texting me. In keep telling them I live in MO.

Anonymous said...

Chris Wallace , jewish rich kid son of media star Mike Wallace , turning on President Trump.

Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

Sharice's handlers could only parrot Democrap unproven accusations.

Anonymous said...

9:41 he didn’t turn on him, Trump is making it look like he’s turning on Fox when they are both playing the other media outlets with fake news. And they’re eating it up! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

7:35 obsessed with Chuck, secret fan.

Anonymous said...

"uncontested facts" What planet is she living in?

Anonymous said...

There are zero facts and no evidence. You can tell because every statement includes the phrase "overwhelming evidence" without ever bringing up what that evidence is, because well, there is none. This looks really bad for the dems and the fact that multiple dems are voting against impeachment shows this to the world. There's bipartisan support against impeachment. This helps trump so much and the dwindling dem base continues it's approach of alienating anyone who doesn't toe the line

Anonymous said...

We'd better go to Cornell and ask for a copy of her transcript - doubt she ever attended classes in evidence, criminal procedure, constitutional law, etc. Was her time there spent watching old episodes of Judge Judy, Perry Mason, and and LA Law?

Anonymous said...

"When did bribery become vague?" Bribery is not one of the articles of impeachment. Do try harder to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Davids is on the wrong side of this. If she truly honored her oath of office she would revolt against Pelosi and the far left democrats. Her impeach vote will assure she will NOT get a second term! Remember where you are and how we voted for president, you will lose! You will become a flash in the pan. A vote against impeachment will send a message that you are your own woman and might get you elected next time!