Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Quick peek at the work of reporter/activist Greg Palast documenting the continued downfall of a fierce politico who was beat up by a granny in his latest election effort after a parading around with a toy gun and otherwise annoying JoCo housewives.


Kansas Kills Kris Kobach's National Voter Purge System

"It's Jim Crow all over again," is how 98-year-old civil rights legend Rev. Joseph Lowery describes "Interstate Crosscheck," the questionable "purge" operation run by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach that has cost 1.1 million voters their registrations in 30 states. The victims: mostly voters of color.


Charles Whitman said...

Selma AL. I've been there. Maybe in 2014. The city has not advanced since the sixties.
Maybe not this version of "Crosscheck", but something is needed to prevent voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

KKKansas wants KKKobach! We don't need no fat imitation KKKobach. We want the real thing.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Come on TONY give it a rest. Go soak ur head.

Anonymous said...

love how all the democrat voting fucks moved to Kansas from KCMO then go on to vote for the same shit the ruined kcmo.