Friday, December 20, 2019

Kansas City Waiting Game: City Hall Turned KCI Into Hot Garbage For Christmas

Another glimpse at some of the very worst planning work that Kansas City has to offer . . . The gift that keeps giving (headaches) long after the holiday season. Checkit:

Travelers, pop-up shops and construction: Here's what to expect at KCI this Christmas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's time for the hustle and bustle of holiday travel. During the 12-day period, airlines believe 47 million travelers will travel by flight nationwide, and 500,000 of those travelers will pass through Kansas City. On peak flying days, around 48,000 people are expected to make their way through the airport, with roughly 300 flights daily.


Kansas Shitty said...

Kansas City ruined a perfectly fine airport for no other reason than they could.

Anonymous said...

That’s not very sporting of a comment!
Here is what we have to look forward to:

1. Higher prices. Enjoy more calories at higher costs. Let KC show more locals what chains offer. Burgers for$25 and chewing gum for $3. Beer for $12. They can sell belts ... bigger sizes... all part of having to deal with longer waits.

2. $15 Beer... in case you missed that.

3. Horrible walks compared to now. Part of a plan to make step counters hard to read.

4. Long lines. Should average 23.7% longer.

5. Higher ticket prices. Screen shot deals now and when it opens. Send it to the one or two people still working at the KC Star and tell them how their former editorial folks got it all wrong again.

Lots more to come.

Anonymous said...

At what point do people in Kansas City stop complaining and actually do something. The airport was past due for replacement decades ago. Deferred infrastructure maintenance results in issues above and beyond the actual maintenance. Drive few hours and depart from STL or TUL and stop complaining. In both cities the airports are maintained.

Anonymous said...

Just because maintenance is deferred does not mean that the repairs weren’t fixable. Typical Kansas Shitty status quo bullshit. Oh, the house is empty, let’s tear it down - and then complain about the lack of affordable housing. No dipshits, stablaize the home, make a plan to transition it to a new property owner and get it occupied. Same is true of the airport. The existing airport is nice or was before the City ruined it. If there were maintenance issues that weren’t being addressed, that’s the City’s fault. Elected officials ought to be held accountable for their failures. Instead, they gave themselves raises in August of this year. Honestly, everything under the City’s control is neglected and has deferred maintenance. They cant seem to get any City service right. They’re too busy passing emergency ordinances for Waddell & Reed parking garage. Don’t talk to me about complaining... this is a complex issue. Deferred maintenance can be addressed. Why didn’t the Public Works or Planning Department have a plan in place to address that. It seems this City has to be suited to do anything it’s supposed to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Smith from “ask a pilot” says its a great airport, why ruin it.