Friday, December 06, 2019


A sign of the times and a very important economic indication that toy train transit consistently loses money and must be propped up by taxpayers. Here's a glimpse across the Show-Me State for a glimpse at harsh reality when the cash runs out . . . Read more:

Delmar Loop Trolley to shut down Dec. 29, future of service uncertain, for now

ST. LOUIS - The Loop Trolley is expected to shut down by the end of the year putting a halt to the more than $50 million dollar project. According to our partners at The Post-Dispatch, County Exec Sam Page said at one point he didn`t want to see the project fail but didn`t want to waste money.


Anonymous said...

Wa waaaaa. What a joke, 150 year old form of transportation didn't make it. Crazy

Anonymous said...

What is our current homicide total? It was a slow week. Our hood rats need to pick up the pace.

Anonymous said...


Shut down OUR streetcar, we gots free Busses now!

Let the Homeless sleep in the Churches, they're useless for anything else!

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

This taxpayer rip off should have never been allowed to happen in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

What the story misses is that after it shuts down-
The Fed will have to be repaid! Lol

Earnings tax equals broke!

I wonder if their paper’s editorial board jumped on that?
Maybe Clay can start a petition to turn our off... finally- and then we KC can pay the fed back.
Hopefully the star will help.

Anonymous said...

Hate St. Louis, but at least they were smart enough to know when to call it quits. The KC streetcar is already $150 million in hole MINIMUM. Expansion on it is dead since we'll never get federal funding but the Streetcar Commission or whatever the hell it's called keeps release prospective routes just so they can keep their jobs. They know expansion can never happen at this point but insist on burning our money

Anonymous said...

Shut down the KC toy train and use the savings to pay for free bus rides.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of Dumb-Bunny's

Anonymous said...

THE streetcar is the day before yesterday's news.
There are so many brand new bright shiny big big things being proposed by "urban futurists" every day and if KCMO doesn't get on board right away, they'll be "left behind".
And millenials flocking to urban areas is also gone. They're deciding to enjoy the less expensive and more relaxing attractions of small town living.
As usual KCMO is about six years behind the coastal elites who call the cultural shots.
And even more unfortunately, all of yesterday's "investments" in yesterday's news were made by long-term debt.
Anyone heard from Sly and Jolie lately?

Retro ROCKER said...

The Only reason THE KANSAS CITY street car works well IT is in a Tourists Trap. Surrounded by Hotels The AMTRAK station Between the River Market and Crown Center ,Great intertainment. Food Shops And Tourists do not have to rent a Car. The AMTRAK to Kansas City is full You May be coming from Santa Fe,New,Mexico or Chicago ,If Kansas City keeps it Tourists coming. It will be O.K.