Thursday, December 12, 2019

Kansas City Thursday Early News Link Stroll

Black & white photography is our fave as a classic set inspires our for the early morning and we review pop culture, community news and other items of interest for right now . . .

Kansas City Road Troubles After GO Bond Cash SPENT

Drivers frustrated with city after 5 cars damaged during Independence Avenue road work

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- At least five cars were badly damaged on one popular Kansas City street where drivers say there should have been warning signs about the recent road work. "It felt like I thought my whole tire went off my car or there was this humongous blow out or something," Melissa Hernandez said.

Saving The Day

Red Cross responds to 14 house fires in one week

Kansas City's Red Cross responds to more house fires than any other region in the country.In one week, disaster teams responded to 14 house fires in seven days, helping more than 40 fire victims."Every morning, we are waking up to a family who has lost their home. They've lost their possessions.

Fast Food Ruckus

Woman says KCK Burger King employee tossed her phone in trash, management did nothing

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A metro fast-food worker is accused of stealing a customer's phone and then tossing it in the trash. Cassaundra Wells said a recent visit to Burger King, at the corner of 40th and Rainbow, left a bad taste in her mouth.

Fashionista In Focus

Bella Hadid Braless in James Russell Photoshoot 2019

Bella Hadid Braless in James Russell Photoshoot 2019, Bella Hadid, Black and White, Braless, James Russell, Photoshoot,

Hottie Money Probs

What Gigi and Bella Hadid Think of Their Dad's $100 Million Bankruptcy Nightmare

Family drama. One month after real estate developer Mohamed Hadid was ordered to tear down his $100 million Bel Air mansion due to safety concerns, neighbors allege that Gigi and Bella Hadid 's dad is committing bankruptcy fraud by removing valuables from the property.

Prez Trump Aquittal Fox X-Mas

2 GOP senators say McConnell will move to acquit Trump, not merely dismiss charges

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to hold a final vote to acquit President Donald Trump should he be impeached, when a majority of senators believe his trial has run its course instead of holding a vote on dismissing the articles of impeachment, two Republican senators told CNN on Wednesday.

Money Market News More Important Than Your Petty Middle-Class Politics And Myopic Worldview

Asian markets move higher after the Fed holds interest rates steady

Asian markets mostly rose Thursday after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates steady, putting an end to the year's series of rate cuts.


Trump Campaign Is Deploying Phone Location-Tracking Technology

President Donald Trump's reelection effort has retained the services of a technology company that specializes in the mass collection of smartphone location data, which can be used to track voters for political targeting purposes.

More Doggie Good Deeds

Wayside Waifs takes in big batch of puppies from overcrowded shelter

One Kansas City-area animal shelter is overflowing with puppies.Wayside Waifs took in transfers from an overcrowded animal shelter in Oklahoma."A lot of those puppies are the heelers. We've got a couple of beagle mixes, Lab mixes," said Casey Waugh, of Wayside Waifs.Fifteen puppies are ready to be adopted now."They're already to go.

Curros & Chocolate Charity

Mission Taco Joint and Andre's Confiserie Suisse Are Teaming Up for Charity in Kansas City

Churros and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This holiday season, Mission Taco Joint and Andre's Confiserie Suisse are bringing them together for a good cause in Kansas City. At both Mission Taco Joint locations in Kansas City, guests can order Churros con Chocolate from the menu throughout the month of December.

Kansas City Old School Midtown Stomping Grounds Endure

Beautifully-landscaped Roanoke Park

Karnes Boulevard meanders through the Coleman Highlands, Volker neighborhoods, Roanoke Park, between Southwest Trafficway and 31st Street, and continues southwest where it intersects with Roanoke Road and Wyoming Avenue. The view on this hand-colored postcard published in 1911 by Hall Bros.

KCMO Autumn Again

The warming trend will continue with some wind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dry and warmer through Friday A cold blast arrives Saturday with a few snow showers possible Chance of a winter storm Sunday-Monday, still much uncertainty KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST: Tonight: Increasing high clouds and becoming windy.

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Anonymous said...

Better title for ya T,

facts laid bare. Trump still going to lose 2020.

Anonymous said...

The GO bond money is either already spent or designated for one "project" or another.
And very little has anything to do with maintenance or repair of streets.
Thanks for playing, voters.
Schulte's now over at the JaCo courthouse and Sly and Justus are nowhere to be found.
What shell is the pea under this week?

Anonymous said...

Nah. Supporters galvanized, no serious opposition.

Anonymous said...

A lady to stupid to keep track of her phone has no business carrying one. There is another local business that has a policy to trash any found phones as they are more trouble to deal with than they are worth. Finders keepers, loser weepers.

Anonymous said...