Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Understandably, Midtown trash pickup was shut down Monday.

Tuesday . . . The trucks were nowhere to be found.

Today the temperatures might hit 40 today and garbage sitting outside for days is starting to get a bit rank. We've seen your e-mails and this post is simply a bookmark and a bit of an indication that the KCMO snow storm performance still has some voters peeved.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for this. Only 5 maybe 6 inches of snow? The roads are in bad shape due to the city not getting out and dong their job. Rural areas got trash picked up on Monday and the city can't? This is due to the weather warming up and the mayor can pocket the money that was suppose to go for clearing the roads. People in Kansas City are being ripped off. The city is stealing!

Anonymous said...

Trash pickup, street maintenance, snow removal, water bills, even homicide rates...
It's all the same.
KCMO electeds aren't concerned about such trivial matters.
They're all celebrity "politicos" after all, and have campaign contributors, insiders, revs, developers, and the usual grifters to please so that they can "move on up" and run for something else.
An emphasis on entertainment, selfies, TV spots, and hype.
Now let's build a park over the I-670 loop. It's really neat and is what the down-towners want and it costs only around $250 million.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking about the City’s failed trash pick up program. Hmmm. I guess it would be easier to talk about things that actually work as intended in Kansas City which as far as I can see is.... nothing. Don’t forget to approve the next City tax increase so you can expect the same level of non-existent service at a higher rate that far outpaces inflation. And to think these dullards want to name a street after Troy Schulte.... more like Troy Shitty. He doesn’t deserve a street and the City services under his lead have been a cluster fuck!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of trash, today was my trash day. City picked up the trash miraculously but failed to pick up the recycling. You can win for losing. SMDH