Sunday, December 08, 2019

Kansas City Sunday Night News Stand

Tonight we share an EXTENSIVE look at the mainstream, pop culture and community news scene for our most dedicated denizens of the local discourse . . . Checkit:

Big Picture: Prez Trump Impeachment Showdown

Nadler says vote 'possible' on Trump articles of impeachment this week

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jerrold Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said on Sunday his panel could vote on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump this week. "It's possible," Nadler said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Traffic Trouble Awaits

Upcoming construction impacts traffic on I-435

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More closures to come to Interstate 435. The Missouri Department of Transportation will be completing signage work and shoulder repairs effecting various lanes and ramps. The outermost right lane of eastbound I-435 from State Line to Three Trails Crossing will close at 7 a.m.

First World Probs: Kansas City Luxury Car Crash Report

2 injured in crash on Ward Parkway

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Two people were sent to the hospital after two high-end vehicles crashed into each other on Sunday afternoon. The crash happened before 3:30 p.m. in the area of 59th and Ward Parkway. An Alfa Romeo was on Ward Parkway when a Tesla tried to cross at the intersection and hit vehicle, causing it to flip over several times.

KCK Shopping Gunfire

Shots fired at KCK shopping district

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- An argument apparently led to shots being fired at a KCK shopping district this weekend. Police say there was an argument at an unidentified business along Village West Parkway on Saturday night. An officer on duty stopped the argument, and as both parties were headed to their cars, someone opened fire at the other party.

Lingerie Legacy Examined

From 1995-2018, See the History of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Through the Years

After 23 years of memorable runways, Victoria's Secret executives confirmed that the 2019 fashion show is canceled. Here's a look back at the moments and models that built the lingerie giant

Holidays On High Regret

Walmart apologizes for sweater featuring Santa with cocaine

Ho, ho, no! Walmart has apologized for an adults-only Christmas sweater that appeared to depict Santa with cocaine on its Canadian website, according to a report. The retailer pulled the holiday outfit - along with several other risque seasonal sweaters - Saturday after they caused a stir with social media users, Global News Canada reported.

White House Denounces Critics

Trump: Fox News 'panders' to Democrats by having on liberal guests

on Sunday renewed his criticism of Fox News, claiming that the network was pandering to the Democratic Party by repeatedly hosting liberal lawmakers to discuss the impeachment inquiry. "Don't get why puts losers on like [Rep.

Accuser Also Under Attack

Lindsey Graham torches Schiff over impeachment tactics: He 'is doing a lot of damage to the country, and he needs to stop.'

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is preparing for a likely impeachment trial in the Senate, and he lambasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his actions in leading the inquiry into President Trump. Republicans have been criticizing Schiff for subpoenaing and releasing phone records of calls between the office of former Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep.

Weekend Satire Sacrilege???

Nancy Pelosi prays for Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'

" Saturday Night Live" cast member Kate McKinnon resumed her role as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in the Dec. 7 episode to offer a few prayers for Donald Trump. During the "Weekend Update" segment, co-anchor and "SNL" co-head writer Colin Jost first commented on Pelosi being asked if she hated President Trump during her most recent weekly press conference.

Puppeteer Final Act

Caroll Spinney, Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Has Died. Here Are Some of His Best Performances.

Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street from the show's 1969 debut until his retirement in 2018, died Saturday at his home in Connecticut at the age of 85, the New York Times reports.

Training KC Coping Skills

Conflict resolution class helps children manage anger

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's Center for Conflict Resolution hopes to take some of the anger and stress that children struggle with and help them release it in a healthy way. Damone Cox, a conflict resolution mediator, said leads boxing courses at the Gregg Klice Community Center, dishing out tips that apply not only in the ring but in life.

Show-Me Christmas Spirit Tradition Of Rural Missouri

Here's how a small town in Missouri became known as 'The Christmas City'

NEOSHO, Mo. - Each year, thousands of people around the world mail their holiday cards and letters to the small town of Noel, Missouri, nestled along the banks of the Elk River in McDonald County. Since the early 1930s, it's been a tradition for the Noel Post Office, assisted by volunteers, to stamp all holiday mail with a special postmark.

Wildcat Winning

K-State earns bid to Liberty Bowl, will face Navy

The K-State Wildcats are going bowling!The Kansas State football team has earned a bid to the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.The team has accepted the invitation. The Wildcats will square off against Navy in the 61st annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl on Tuesday, Dec. 31.The team is coming off an 8-4 season under new head coach Chris Klieman.

Kansas City Newsman Legend Real Life Reported

Five Things You Don't Know About Me: KMBC 9 News Reporter Micheal Mahoney - In Kansas City

If you're a shifty business owner or rogue politician and see KMBC 9's bulldog reporter Micheal Mahoney barreling your way, well, just know that things are about to end badly for you. Mahoney has been covering big stories and breaking news in the metro for nearly 40 years at the local ABC affiliate.

Artist Crafts Life Lesson For Season Of Giving

This Kansas City Artist Has Created A New Mouse Hero Who Learns How To Make People Feel Better

Gift-giving can be challenging enough when you're human. But when you're a mouse, it's really tough. Kansas City artist Charlie Mylie has just released his first children's book about this difficulty. "Something for You" is about a mouse who delivers a cake to a friend and finds her unwell, not in cake-eating spirits at all.

KC Sharpens Scrooge

Music and Color Abound in KC Rep's Leaner Version of 'A Christmas Carol.' - KC STUDIO

And so once again audiences are invited to bear witness to the spiritual transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge from penny-pinching cynic to warm-hearted benefactor to the poor. And again theatergoers fill virtually every available seat to see Kansas City Repertory Theatre's annual take on "A Christmas Carol," the 1843 novella by Charles Dickens, who used his slim book to shine a light on the plight of the working poor.

Iconic Sports Pub Redux

Legendary restaurant bar "Chappell's" gets makeover

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chappell's in North Kansas City was once called one of the best sports bars in America. In October, it got a makeover. The process of renovating it came after Jim Chappell sold the establishment in 2018. "It didn't go well with them," Chappell said.

Creative Christian Values???

Church nativity depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as family separated at border

A Southern California church is displaying a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a family separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. A photo posted Saturday on Facebook by a senior minister at Claremont United Methodist Church, east of Los Angeles, showed the Holy Family inside three chain link cells topped with razor wire.

The Big Chill: Kansas City December Drop Coming Soon

Joe's Weather World: Winter temperatures briefly come back (SUN-12/8)

Another mild day in the region today despite all the I type this blog we're around 50° and very cloudy. The clouds will linger through the night but so will the mild temperatures. So we'll probably have another midnight high in the area well into the 40s.

As always, thanks for reading this week, this is the OPEN THREAD for Sunday night and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Impeachment will die a very quick death in the Senate and won't do much good in the election. Just look at history.

Not a Trumper, just remember how negatively impeachment hurt the GOP after they tried it with Clinton. It took years for them to recover from the damage and distrust from voters.

Midtown KC Chester said...

Gotta get that coke santa gear for the KC ugly sweater party. Thanks!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Republicans already have the tax cut for rich donors, & the conservative picks for the Supreme Court. They don't need der Fuhrer anymore. As he becomes increasingly ridiculous, they may choose to cut their loses, & remove him for a Pence Presidency.

They should vote to remove him from office. His continued occupancy is indefensible, but they are only for the rule of law in their own imaginations. In reality they are segregationists who want to perpetuate the fantasy of a christian country of white men, by white men & for white men (as the Founders intended.)

The difference between the Clinton Impeachment & the Trump Impeachment is that Clinton only lied about sex. Trump lies about everything, everyday, all day long.

They are being judged now, & if they vote to acquit they will be judged again, & they will pay a price for it in the long run. We are witnessing the end of the Republican Party.

The only way they can save their future is to trade Trump for Pence.

Anonymous said...

Dream on Byron.
You rotten lying thief.

Anonymous said...

Its really a shame that the new owner of Chappell's in NKC didn't pay some attention to the menu hen the place was being made over.

Optimistically, we tried the "new" version twice (anyone can have an off day), only to find both times that the food was as crappy as ever.

With all the new places to eat and party in NKC, this relic had better rethink its direction, "Sports Bars" are about as relevant as "Fern Bars" or "Discos" to today's Society.

Maybe Jim should cutback on his visits, or try going to one of the other venues in NKC in order to understand why one can always find empty parking places in front of his joint on Friday and Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

“You know how you make America great again? Tell @realDonaldTrump to go to hell.”
Lindsey Graham - Dec 8, 2015

Anonymous said...

Trump in a landslide over a less than enthusiast Demoncrat giving free shit to everyone but knowing it is all a lie.

Anonymous said...

Show me the man and I will show you the crime. Joseph Stalin aka democrats of the united States of America.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Do you have any idea how un-American you sound, you Trump-worshiping piece of shit?

Anonymous said...


“What’s a high crime? Doesn’t even have to be a crime. It’s just when you start using your office and you’re acting in a way that hurts people, you have committed a high crime.”

Lindsey Graham - August 6, 1999
(Chief Prosecutor for the House, Clinton Impeachment)

Anonymous said...

5:44 and you are there twice? Moron.

Anonymous said...

Trump stopped the Clinton's. That's what the libtards can't get over.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Off-duty KCPD officer fires at home intruder
Posted: 4:31 AM, Dec 09, 2019

Anonymous said...

@6:57 As I said, any place can have an off day, so yes, I gave the place a second chance. Maybe that makes me a "Moron" in your opinion, but who cares?

After all, your opinion comes from YOU!
(With all that implies.)

Anonymous said...

9:30 - Clinton lied about a blow job. Slightly different situation.

But, you're right. Republicans dgaf what the President does so he will be acquitted. It's a great precedent to set going forward for our future Presidents.

Anonymous said...

You mean Clinton committed perjury and suborned perjury, which (you may not know this) is not ok for lawyers, let alone Presidents. Fixed that for you.

And as Jonathan Turley pointed out, this is the first "impeachment" in which there's a dispute about whether a crime was committed, and it's a huge dispute.

Anonymous said...

What's worse... venerable Democratic President FDR imprisoning American Japanese during WWII or Trump's phone call? Any reasonable person can make the distinction. Unless of course, you're a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

The missing spoke in the wheel for the criminal democrats was hillary. And guess what with the criminals trying everything in the world to get rid of trump they’ve destroyed themselves. I wish we could execute a few of fuckhousers hero’s along with fuckhouser himself. Who needs the pieces of garbage anyway