Sunday, December 08, 2019

Kansas City Sunday News Look

Quick look at pop culture, community news and other items of interest for Kansas City Autumn Sunday . . .

Kansas City Copes With Ongoing Season Of Violence

Christmas party thrown for children of Kansas City homicide victims

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the seventh year in a row, Healing Pathway Victim Services Organization, in partnership with KCPD hosted a Christmas celebration for children on Kansas City homicide victims. For the more than 200 children benefiting from the event, Christmas came early.

Newspaper Weed Review

These Kansas City-area women all use medical marijuana. Here's why

Lonnie Bush and Patrice Harris share their stories of success with medical marijuana.

KC X-Mas Toned Down

Sensitive Santa at Zona Rosa

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Everyone should get to enjoy the holiday season. That's why Zona Rosa is offering a Sensitive Santa event this Sunday. Zona Rosa will turn down the music, dim the lights, and offer Christmas magic for children who might not be able to process a traditional Santa-meeting experience.

Stop Asking...

Weather blog: Where is the snow?

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- I've been getting this question a lot lately: Where's the snow?! Our first inch of snow fell back in the middle of October. That seemed to be a harbinger of things to come. Another snowy fall and winter! Or, so we thought...

Fashion Inspires Fighting

Jameela Jamil, Sara Sampaio launch a war of tweets over body image, fashion and modeling

A war of words has ignited between Jameela Jamil of "The Good Place" and Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio. The two began clashing about the fashion industry on Twitter Tuesday, with Jamil slamming its treatment of women while Sampaio defended her fellow models.

According To Angel

Karlie Kloss Shares Her Thoughts About Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's Cancellation

Karlie Kloss is revealing her thoughts about the 2019 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being cancelled. "I think it's a reflection of the world we live in today," Karlie, a former VS Angel, said during an appearance on the Today show. "And, you know, consumers demand that brands are inclusive and body positive and sustainable.

Hong Kong Fights For Freedom

Thousands join largest HK protest rally in months

Tens of thousands of protesters have marched through the streets of Hong Kong in the largest anti-government rally in months. For the first time since August, police allowed a rally by the Civil Human Rights Front, a pro-democracy group. Organisers said an estimated 800,000 took part while police put the number at 183,000.

Hot Mic Satire

President Donald Trump treated as the nerd among the NATO cool kids in 'Saturday Night Live' cold open

Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden guest star.

Economy In Flux???

A booming jobs report isn't an all-clear signal for the economy

America added a booming number of jobs last month. But don't break out the champagne just yet. Some economists are largely attributing the impressive 266,000 job gains to easing trade tensions and Fed interest rate cuts. But they continue to predict a slowdown in the economy and labor market next year, with a risk of recession still looming.

Kansas City 2nd Chance

Royals sign reliever Trevor Rosenthal to a minor league deal

The Royals have signed right-handed reliever Trevor Rosenthal to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. According to reporter Jeffrey Flanagan, Rosenthal will receive a base salary of $2 million if he makes the team with $2.25 million in incentives.

Authorites Look For Local

Search for missing Kansas City man underway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are searching for a missing Northland senior. 74-year-old Anthony Deadrick was last seen at a Walgreen's store at North Cedar and NE Cookingham in Kansas City just after 7:00 on Saturday night. He left in an unknown direction, and was last seen wearing a gray jacket and black pants.

Weather For Now

More clouds, highs in the 50s Sunday


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Anonymous said...

Christmas for the children of homicide victims is nice, putting the killers behind bars would be better for the entire community.

Anonymous said...

White Santa is racist.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes I can see where an assholelike you would thinks so.

Anonymous said...

"Some economists" say this, other economists say that, yet other economists say something else entirely. But you can count on all journalists quoting only those economists who say something that the journalists want to be true. It's their way of injecting their own opinion into news stories without getting laughed at, since no one cares what journalists think.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Black Santa would be cultural appropriation (if I actually believed in that nonsense), because Santa Claus was invented by white people.

We need to stop lying to children: There is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, god, angels, demons, spirits, devil, ghosts, etc.

George Washington was not a Patriot. He betrayed his King & Country. God did not give this country to white christians, they stole it - killing women & children is not a "Battle", it's a massacre.

The soldiers who killed unarmed Native Americans at Wounded Knee should not have been given Congressional Medals of Honor, they should have been charged with murder.

We don't need "prayer" in the schools, we need history - real history, not American Mythology. We need science & math, not fairy tales about Jesus.

Stop lying to the children.

Anonymous said...

^^^Who pee'd in your cornflakes this morning?

Anonymous said...

Booming jobs report????

48,000 of the 54,000 "created" manufacturing jobs in November were striking GM employees going back to work.

Trump said it himself. The job numbers are phony and fake.

Anonymous said...

The economy has been trending the same direction from 08 onward. We're due a recession probably sooner rather than later.