Monday, December 02, 2019

Kansas City Poetry & PTSD

Local slice of life and the ongoing impact of FOREVER WARS on local culture . . . Checkit:

Latina Veteran Pursues Healing Through Poetry

Lucky Garcia felt like she never fit in. The war veteran-turned-poet has endured many difficulties in life, but today her writing has become more than a passion - it's therapy. Writing about war - and her life during and after - helps her connect with the world around her.


Anonymous said...

Ok, on the count of three, let's all feel sorry for a pretty cute chick with great tits.

Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

See me, touch me, heal me

Anonymous said...

Women should NOT be in combat zones.

Anonymous said...

Me me me me!

There's a difference between art and therapy.

Anonymous said...


I am a female, I am a victim.
I am a Latina, I am a victim.
I am a homosexual, I am a victim.
I have PTSD, I am a victim.
I CHOOSE to be a VICTIM, and let me tell you all about it!!!

Charles Whitman said...

Poor Lucky.

I was in the Marines, not the Army, but I assume they're similar.

All that "poor me" crap, I suspect, she brought on herself. It appears to me that she refused to become part of the team. That's too bad, but at least she's out now.