Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Kansas City News Link Pool Outlook

Right now we take a peek at pop culture, local news and all manner of hotness . . . Checkit:

It's Time For Kansas City Chiefs To Live Up To All Of The Hype

Kansas City Chiefs can prove they're for real with win over Patriots

Through the first month of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs lived up to the hype, putting on a show every time they had the chance. When the calendar flipped to October, however, the nightmare began.


New Kansas City Police Commissioner Sworn In

From the Kansas City Police Department: December 3, 2019 A new member has been appointed to The Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. Commissioner Cathy Dean was sworn in this morning at Kansas City Police Headquarters before a special setting of the Board of Police Commissioners.

JoCo Building Boom

Finding balance in downtown OP's building boom

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Mary Cyr put it bluntly. "We're on the verge of huge transformation," said the executive director of the Downtown Overland Park Partnership. In the past four years, new apartment, office and retail buildings have popped up around downtown Overland Park.

Fat Zoro's Revenge???

George Zimmerman files $100M lawsuit against Trayvon Martin's family

George Zimmerman has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trayvon Martin's family - six years after he was acquitted of killing the unarmed black teen in Florida. The former neighborhood watch volunteer accuses Trayvon's mother, prosecutors and others of conspiring to concoct a false narrative through "imposter and fake witness" Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with the teen just before he was shot.

Hotness Frolics

Alessandra Ambrosio showcased her toned form in black bikini in Hawaii

She founded a swimwear line with Gisele Coria and Aline Ambrosio called Gal Floripa. And on Tuesday, Alessandra Ambrosio showed off her incredible figure in a black bikini from her brand as she was snapped running into the stunning waters.

Sounds Like 2020 Sucks

Maroon 5 announces 2020 show at Sprint Center with special guest Meghan Trainor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Calling all Maroon 5 fans! The band is announced Wednesday that they're coming to Kansas City next year. They'll bring singer Meghan Trainor along with them to Sprint Center on Thursday, Aug. 27. Presales for the show start Thursday, Dec. 12 at noon.

Classy Kansas City

An Interior Designer's Guide to Kansas City

It's commonly understood that the best way to explore a new place is to go straight to the locals. Each week in the Urbanist, we take that wisdom one step further by seeking out not just locals but local experts - those who are especially well versed in their cities' newest and most noteworthy scenes - to give us insider recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

Dat ass

Anonymous said...

Chiefs ain't going to do squat. Another year of hype, another year of overpaid ball players allowed to make millions.

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet they still have the reigning MVP, Future MVP, and the best QB in the game. Weird

Anonymous said...

The gal in top pic, red bikini appears to be Kelli Ferguson who was a chiefette and dated Henry Marshall when he played for the Chiefs. I worked with her and she told me all about everything Chiefs. She was/is HOT!

Anonymous said...

I hope George Zimmerman wins his lawsuit against ghetto thug Trayvon Martin’s lying parents and lawyer.

Anonymous said...

^^^George Z. was getting a fucking beatdown from a teenager. Couldn't handle his shit with fisticuffs so had to pull out a gun. Pussy.

Anonymous said...

I hope the "half white" part of George Z fucks those lying Mau Muas up the ass.

Anonymous said...

"It's Time For Kansas City Chiefs To Live Up To All Of The Hype"

- half a century past due - unrequited promises echoing through the decades, like a trophy case ringing hollow loony liberal left's impeachment pleas...


The depth gullibility swiss chiefs fandumb were a game show - 'Jeopardy' - the category 'Things hoped for but never realized', and here's your clue:

"As addicts will ever embrace a fix, this rhymes with the selling of yet another football season's 'bill of goods' to the junkie fanatics, same."

Answer: 'What is The World Champion Kansas City Chiefs.'

"Correct! And unlike them 'YOU' sir 'ARE' a 'CHAMPION!'"


'This is our year'?

Of course it is

part 2019

verse 50

ad nauseam

ad infinitum ........

Anonymous said...

Awesome! One less hood rat.

Anonymous said...

3:30 and that means what? Only that the Chiefs and you are losers.

The Pats will hand the Chiefs a huge ass whooping.

Anonymous said...

Sorry lady, downtown OP has become a disparate jumble of buildings. Not pretty!

Anonymous said...

Yes red bikini girl is Kelli Ferguson, who is Henry Marshall's old girlfriend. She must be 45 by now. That's an old modelling picture. She was a very sweet girl who could date whomever she wanted. I have never seen such a perfect girl. I heard she married a surgeon and has kids now. Cheerleader back in 1988