Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Kansas City Low Expectations For The Holidays: Cowtown Trash Help Wanted

Given so much hype about tech jobs and the so-called creative class . . . Here's a glimpse at REAL JOBS desperately seeking workers given that this town produces a great deal of propaganda and other assorted garbage . . . Checkit:

KCMO looks to hire dozens ahead of expanded trash pick-up

The Kansas City, Missouri, Solid Waste Division will soon expand trash pick-up to all parts of the city. The department hopes to hire nearly 70 workers and will add 24 trucks to the new routes, which start on March 1.


Anonymous said...


When Northland residents went weeks without routine trash pickup, curb appeals to the City left them holding the bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Expanded trash service?
Maybe they could pick up:
1. Adam Schiffer
2. Ex Lees Summit doc Carpenter
3. Pelosi
3. AOC
4. Hillaryz’s Bleached hard drive
5. Hillary
6. Old old Joe Biden
7. KC editorial board member who wants the chiefs tomahawk chop banned
8. Any newspapers dumped on people driveways
9. Millennials who use weighted blankets and have participant trophies
10. Lib snowflakes who cry when they see a MAGA HAT

RAISE the earnings tax to compete with St Louis