Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Kansas City: Human Trafficking Hot Spot

Quick look at a growing problem and local resources to combat the world's rising quotient of misery . . . Read more:

Kansas City: A Human Trafficking Hot Spot

In 2018, Polaris identified 14,749 survivors of sex trafficking, and they are confident that this number is underreported. Sex trafficking occurs every single day throughout the world, but Kansas City is a particularly traffic-heavy area due to its central location and easy access to major freeways.


Anonymous said...

Learn Kung Fu, or pack a glock or 45.

Anonymous said...

I find this story problematic. So runaways and children who lack proper parental care in the lives are now being labeled as victims of sex trafficking? A person who on their own does drugs then sells their body to gain more drugs is in or a victim of sex trafficking?

Like refugees the term sex trafficking is being used to label what some people have been doing for hundreds of years as a all of a sudden crises. Those who are pushing these stories need to get proper jobs and stop trying to use this tactic as a way to deal with an issue that is older than they are and will never go away no matter how much money is thrown at it. It's like women who pose nude, there is always a long line of those willing and waiting to do such.

I'm sure some are kidnapped and taken into some sort of slavery but don't you ever wonder why these people never escape or huge raids take place every day busting all these so called sex trafficking operations?

Anonymous said...

Homeless drug addicts are not necessarily being trafficked. It's their hobby.

Anonymous said...

What's now called human trafficking used to be called simple prostitution. It's the left's way of making victims out of criminals, like calling illegal entrants immigrants, and getting all huffy when we nab a few.