Monday, December 16, 2019

Kansas City Housing Crackdown

After federal threats and even a Missouri Senator shaking their fist . . . Here's the latest action from City Hall:

KC Housing Authority to suspend housing contracts with T.E.H. Realty

The Housing Authority of Kansas City Missouri will suspend approximately $41,000 in taxpayer-subsidized housing contracts to troubled landlords with T.E.H.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are holding this TEH group accountable. Now they have apartments on both sides of the state line in major disrepair. Why hasn't this guy been arrested for something ? TEH is going to ruin a lot of Christmases around here. This guy can't even show his face or answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the KCMO "Housing Authority" have a system in place to regularly inspect the housing units it was funding?
Why did it take a local TV station to inform them of that fact?
It's like the fire hydrants throughout KCMO that turn out not to work when needed because they haven't been tested in many years.
The electeds can pass all the ordinances they want, but if there's no oversight or accountability of the agencies and their "management", it doesn't have any effect at all.
But you have to have some interest and knowledge of how things are supposed to work to be able to provide oversight and the council and mayor are too busy doing other useless things.
Like riding in snowplows to get a selfie opportunity.

Anonymous said...

You would think with all the down time, the KCFD would have a regular schedule of operating hydrants on a yearly rotating basis. But, that would probably be demeaning work to those making $100k/year with fat OT. The smaller departments have it figured out. They can use kid volunteers (HS age) who enjoy running around and operating hydrants (typically opening them right as a car drives by). 'Course, in KCMO that probably accounts to several mil of our expensive water.