Sunday, December 22, 2019

Kansas City Home Surveillance Effort Confronts Liberty Vs. Security Questions

Check the Orwellian implications of allowing police cameras inside local homes . . .

"The win-win picture isn't as clear for privacy and civil liberty experts, like those at the ACLU, who are concerned the agreements lead to invasions of privacy while also using police as a marketing arm for Ring.

"'The question you need to ask is whether you're empowering yourself or whether you're not accidentally empowering somebody else, like the police or Amazon or hackers,' ACLU Senior Policy Analyst Jay Stanley said."

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Ring partnerships with police: Solving crimes or invading privacy?

Seeing the benefits, more than 400 police departments in the U.S. have inked partnerships with the company, which was acquired by Amazon in April 2018. The list includes more than a dozen cities in the metro, including Kansas City, Missouri, Independence and Lee's Summit on the Missouri side and Overland Park, Leawood and Kansas City, Kansas, on the Kansas side.


Anonymous said...

People are asleep, naive, and unaware of the creep of Big Tech.

Anonymous said...

^^^ yes they are, that’s just plain stupid to let big brother have access to these things.

Anonymous said...

But liberals love that sort of thing. They have to sleep with the lights on because they are such scardy cats. They want big brother in bed right next to them.

Anonymous said...

Unless you're out being a porch pirate, who cares? Yeah, I think it does open you up to Big Brother but so does Alexa and so many other gadgets. It also provides a very clear pic of your little neighborhood thief. The days of being able to creep around unnoticed are over.