Friday, December 06, 2019

Kansas City Hobo Shelters Need Help But Growing Number Of Locals Are Tapped Out

Piling up old clothes and canned goods is nice but the reality is that LOCAL SHELTERS NEED MONEY and funds for the rapidly rising number of Kansas City homeless are in short supply as the weather is soon to turn harsh . . . Read more:

KC area shelters have need for donations during holidays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's the season of giving. During the holidays, nonprofits such as City Union Mission and reStart see a surge of people donating items for those in need. "It definitely increases the amount of things people want to donate, probably at least doubles," said Ann Klockau, volunteer manager at reStart.


Anonymous said...

Line up some free buses to Florida.

George said...

Moveable allocated tent City I-III on a quarterly basis with agreements, cleanup, self governance, policy, and drug treatment programs. They're young, addicted, felony convicted, hard to employ, not going anywhere, are everywhere, on the rise and part of the social cultural community norm. They may be a victim that eventually victimizes others. This class disease cannot will not be ignored. It's a crime against many making us thick skinned. It says something about this place.

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

I use to ask my Dad for this and that as a child thinking as most kids do that money grows on trees. My Dad was a wise old man who came to this country with my grandfather back before WWll to escape NAZI Germany. Poor people they were, dirt poor. But they made it and I as well made it in life with hard work.

But I remember my Dad's words when ever I wanted something and maybe didn't get what I wanted.

Beggars can't be choosy!

Be thankful for what you have, accept with a smile that which is given to you and never ever complain when offered something for free.

The moral here is theses collection locations always seem to be complaining about not having something or another, more or less demanding the workers give them the items they want to hand out to those who a majority of the time are too lazy to work.

I'm all for helping a guy out but not in supporting those who won't lift a finger to improve themselves.

People say life today is better than 70 years ago when I was a child and to that I say BULLSHIT, you have no idea how good we had it compared to today. Homeless people everywhere wasn't an issue and downtown was a thriving area business wise. Then the so called city leaders come along such as James, Lucas, Fatboy and Cleaver and have systematic ruined it all to the point where now nothing works and nothing is fixed.

Anonymous said...

Get on a bus. It's warm, free.

Retro ROCKER said...

Closed older Buildings,of Walmart Super Centers,in the Burbs.They have Restrooms And Kitchen to make bread. F.E.M.A.WILL RENT IT TO YOU. UNTIL THE EARTH QUAKE HITS EASTERN MISSOURI.