Tuesday, December 31, 2019


An "amateur night" preview of free Kansas City transit and look at the world to come as the council hopes to eliminate fares in the future. Take a look and DO NOT Drive drunk . . . Checkit:

RideKC offers free rides on New Year's Eve to get you home safe

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- RideKC is offering free rides after 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve to help riders get home safe. Fares on all RideKC bus routes serving Kansas City, Johnson County, Wyandotte County and Independence will be free until service ends after midnight.


Anonymous said...

No wonder so many bigots like to comment on tonyskc: turns out Tony's a bigot too.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Everybody’s a bigot. Once you realize that, you can stop believing your a superior being

Anonymous said...

If you do drive drunk and kill someone, sue the shit out of MODOT and their D-bag traffic person Joseph Turner.
Let’s make 2020 the year that piece of shit Mizzou grad is sent packing to the federal slammer for being the d-baggy Chiefs fanboy he is.

Quit being such a goddamm fucking pussy and start posting the truth about this person on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Spreading all the criminal hoodie rats from Prospect, all over the city the crime will be.

Anonymous said...

Get me home safe?

More like get me on a bus so I can be robbed by a local hood rat.