Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kansas City Dumps 'Smart City' Hype

A nice bit of local news that parts ways with the constant big biz promo of the previous administration. Take a look:

Kansas City, Mo., lowers emphasis on 'smart city' projects | StateScoop

Written by Ryan Johnston Dec 17, 2019 | STATESCOOP Six months after Kansas City, Missouri, cancelled the search for a private partner to build out connected infrastructure across its 54-block downtown corridor, Mayor Quinton Lucas' administration is now doing away with the office responsible for managing what was once a growing portfolio of civic technologies in favor of a new, 12-member board that will advise the mayor on future investments.


Anonymous said...

Blowing and wasting money on all that "smart shit" is not very smart. Especially for a city that is up to it's nose in debt.

Anonymous said...

Lowers emphasis on Smart City... because it was all HYPE City bullshit. The tech doesnt work and it was all about the flash of something. That is perfect timing to show all those holiday gifts being purchased will be trash, junk or at the Spring garage sell in 2020. Kansas City cant just come out and say... taxpayers werent getting what they paid for. Its was all hype for the cameras...sly has been out office only 6 months and nearly everything hes done is being undone or discontinued. THANK GAWD!

Anonymous said...

All the crap that Sly and the gang started may be disappearing piece by piece, but all the DEBT incurred to "pay" for it will be a burden on KCMO taxpayers for decades.
That's the Slyster's legacy.
And smiley selfies Lucas is already racing down the same track.

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

Last thing this town is anymore is a "Smart City". A more accurate name would be the "Town of Fools"