Monday, December 09, 2019


A note from one of you d-bags brightened my day much more than all of the stuff usually crowding my e-mail up to and including lame Chinese-junk-sponsored content requests, all manner of spam and sketchy invitations to cuckold swinger hookups wherein I'm pretty sure I'll be robbed and slapped with something sticky . . . But I digress . . .


At least according to this reader:

"Just wanted to thank you for linking to so many resources on the Trump debacle. I don't agree with everything you write or the "photo substitutions" you use but what I've seen locally is that most of the news is coming from a partisan stance one way or another. The talk radio broadcasters are slamming the effort and downplaying its importance whereas the newspaper & NPR are just reporting the Democratic Party agenda. Again, I don't agree with all of your jokes because this is a serious matter but I do appreciate the reference material. Keep up the good work."

Don't know if this is a compliment but it's close enough; I'll take it . . . And all of that inspires us to engage in another bit of news link snark on today's American impeachment extravaganza . . .


Democrats to unveil articles of impeachment Tuesday morning

Top House Democrats are expected to unveil articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump during a press conference Tuesday morning, according to multiple Democratic sources. The Judiciary Committee is expected to mark up the articles of impeachment against Trump on Thursday, according to multiple Democratic lawmakers and aides.

Speedy Impeachment Season

House Democrats hurtle toward Trump impeachment

House Democrats are moving swiftly towards the impeachment of President Donald Trump and lawmakers tasked with drafting articles of impeachment Monday made what could be their final pitch to the American people. The House Judiciary Committee hearing was the first since Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California called last week on relevant committee chairs to "proceed with articles of impeachment."

Russia, Russia, Russia!!!

IG Report: FBI Was Justified in Opening Russia Probe

The U.S. Justice Department's inspector general says in a new report the FBI was justified in opening an investigation in 2016 into suspected ties between U.S. President Donald Trump's election campaign and Russia, saying officials had enough evidence to authorize an inquiry.

Prez Trump Perfect Timing?!?!

Trump's impeachment comes at the perfect time ... for Trump

Impeachment is usually the most embarrassing and damaging thing that can happen to a president of the United States. But for President Donald Trump, not so much. Incredibly, his likely impeachment gives the president more opportunities than liabilities.

Ghosts Of American Justice Haunt Prez Trump Drama

The Trump Impeachment Hearings and Justice Antonin Scalia

The outcome of the struggle to impeach President Trump remains in doubt, but one winner in the process is already clear: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016. As a scholar and a jurist, Scalia was the chief expositor of the judicial philosophy known as originalism.

Old School Hotness

Republicans use Trump impeachment to revive 1970s-era sexism: 'Watergate Girl'

The House impeachment hearing last week left me with no doubt about three things. First, it clarified the constitutional standard for an impeachable offense. Second, it showed that, based on the evidence, President Donald Trump committed multiple impeachable offenses.

Real Talk Tuesday

Impeachment witness to meet with Senate GOP Tuesday

A Republican witnesses from the House impeachment inquiry will join the Senate Republican lunch on Tuesday. Jonathan Turley, who testified during a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, will take part in the closed-door caucus lunch, a source familiar confirmed to The Hill.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

This will get him reelection. Even if he has to resign and then run again. Nobody is going to vote for these other people. They are not inspiring.

Anonymous said...

That's a good a good theory but they don't have to be inspiring, they just have to be not Hillary.

Anonymous said...

IG report is the Republican Waterloo.

Mueller vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Not a bit. The IG report is an indictment of the process. If the best you can say is that the process met a standard for beginning and then went off the rails, that's pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Horowitz is an Obama leftover so he’s gonna down play it as much as possible, gotta save the old boss because he was such a good president....... no, not really. There is more coming from Durham so a few heads may roll but mostly it just looks bad again for the dimwits.

Anonymous said...

Spin you Spinners, Spin!
Where's the devastating revelations that Chuck and Super Dave have been "Trump"eting here for months?

Who's going to Jail as the two of them repeatedly squalled?

All that the IG Report discloses is that the FBI had grounds to investigate, did investigate, made some errors but found evidence that Mueller used to obtain indictments and convictions!

Oh, and it also provides absolute proof that Barr has completely abandoned any pretense of Law Enforcement on the part of the Attorney General's Office, but has instead turned it into a completely politicized body devoted to protecting Trump in spite of any evidence discovered.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump because they don’t have an electable candidate. Their leading candidate is a homosexual, of all things. A common faggot.

Anonymous said...

Well, you might start around page 186 to 190, where it's laid out in painstaking detail how the FBI found out the Steele Dossier was unreliable. They then go directly to the FISA court and lie about what they were told, then go on two secure two more warrants based on it.

That's the tip of the iceberg. Why ask others to spin when you're such a champion? Lol

Not Chuck or Dave, but I might start by saying that the IG's role is investigative. Rest assured that the indictments are coming; the headliner might be Brennan, but there will likely be many. That's what Durham's investigation is working on.

Wait and see, of course, but the IG report is pretty damning of the games played by the FBI. So possibly Comey too.

chuck said...

8:48 If you think that report is vindication for the Progressive/Fascist/Democrats in the Deep State, the Media and the politicians who to this moment, are STILL engaged in an ongoing coup, then you probably will be putting cookies and milk out for Santa on December 24th.

The IG doesn't as 9:05 correctly notes, indict, prosecute or incarcerate the aforementioned criminals. The IG Report lays out, categorically the malfeasance and pre-meditated criminality engaged in by the Deep State and the previous administration.

My suggestion to you, would be to try and get the cork back on the Champagne bottle and smell the coffee. Your BOIZ are going to jail. This is the penultimate report, prior to the coda, that is the sound of jail doors slamming shut.

Anonymous said...

This whole impeachment deal sounds like a big old NOTHINGBURGER to me.

I'm more concerned with the 10-15 toilet flushes that it takes to sink the average American turd.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Trump is guilty of obstruction of Congress. How can anyone come to any other conclusion? He told everyone to ignore lawful subpoenas.

Trump is guilty of abuse of power. Again, how can anyone dispute this? He tried to use the office of President to obtain illegal help in the upcoming election against the opponent that he fears the most.

Chuck, there is no Deep State. No one will be charged with a crime because of the IG's report because no crime was committed. It doesn't do what you say it does. Mueller outlined 10 instances of obstruction of justice. A sitting President can not be charged with a crime, & if he weren't President he would be in jail, now. When he leaves office, he will be going to jail.

You cling to Trump like a man clinging to a life boat. Why? He's the great white hope? This rich scum bag doesn't care about us little people. He's a criminal. He's been a criminal his whole life. Even if he isn't removed from office, he will face serious charges in New York as soon as he leaves office.

The notion that the impeachment will help Trump win re-election is pure delusion. He's only going to get the white man vote. Blacks are still not going to vote for him, nor Latino's, nor Asians, nor Natives, nor white women this time. Impeachment will not suddenly make him acceptable to these people.

He will be impeached, & if the Senate does not convict then they are obstructing justice as well. There's no mystery here. He's guilty as sin.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

Democrats be scammin'

It's what they do.

Anonymous said...


"In 2020, I kicked Sleepy Joe Biden's ass so badly, that my foot went in this deep and knocked out his teeth!!!"

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkyodor,
Even someone who does care about “little people” wouldn’t like you because you’re a lazy, fraudulent turd.

Anonymous said...

The little funky one is actually right. Trump is going to have a hard time selling himself to the public.

He's damaged goods.

Either way, he's done.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

One and done.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the deep state again.

chuck you're a goddamned nutcase.

The senior White House adviser Stephen Miller recently claimed the impeachment inquiry imperilling Donald Trump’s presidency was a product of the “deep state”, a conspiracy theory which holds that a permanent government of civil servants and security operatives exists to thwart the will of the people.

But according to Steve Bannon, Trump’s former 2016 campaign chair and White House strategist, a prime mover in the formation and propagation of the deep state conspiracy theory, it should not be taken seriously.

Bannon states his opinion in a new book, Deep State: Trump, the FBI and the Rule of Law by James B Stewart, which will be published on 8 October. The Guardian obtained a copy.

The “deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases”, Bannon is quoted as saying.

chuck said...

^^^ Even your fellow Fascists at the NYT admit there is a Deep State moron.

As does Politico


I could literally post hundreds of journalists, liberal and conservative who acknowledge the DEEP STATE.

Believe what you want. It is real and it IS, an unelected, out of control 4th branch of government that needs to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

The Deep State Struggle Is Real!

Anonymous said...

urmm..the whitewash IG report was put out by Michael ...wait for it ...Horowitz!

Schiff...Nadler... Vindman there a pattern here? Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

LOCK HIM UP and take the rest of the Deplorable vermin, too! Happy Holidays, scumbags!

Anonymous said...

I like stock market records, cheap gasoline and low unemployment. And why are we giving the Ukrainians our money to start with. Come home America. MAGA

Anonymous said...

6:10 it’s called re-distribution of wealth, they give a billion dollars to a country who in turn create no show jobs for sons of American politicians and the politicians have made this legal. (Deep state) I’ll give you a couple recent examples, hunter biden and the one they’ve been trying to hide big time is Paul pelosi, yup, Nancy’s boy! She’s been trying desperately to keep that one under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Well, look on the bright side. Just imagine if we had a male president with a first man in the White House. Hopefully, also the Muslims would be disgusted that they would want to leave or to never come here.

Anonymous said...

All 56 million of them?

Steve said...

Hey moron, it’s best not to partake in this circus put on by the democrats and let it die in the senate.

Anonymous said...

Chuck linking to all these articles not by the NYT, claiming that the NYT admit there's a deep state is next level Chuckness. Bravo Chuck, bravo.

Anonymous said...

Dog and pony show. And Byron, please off yourself already. You are lower than scum and dumber than the dumb end of a hammer.

Ghost of Byron's dead whore mother said...

Hey Byron, go fuck yourself in the ass with a knife, faggot! Hillary lost, get over it! MAGA 2020!

Anonymous said...

7:50 The New York Times is the FIRST article linked.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Byron, but I hope You critic's Mother's dementia progresses to the point that she forgets to pay the electric bill and gets the power shut off, so you lose all contact with the outside World completely and just have to sit there in the dark basement, wearing the same pair of size XXXXL Sweatpants for weeks as you slowly starve to death.

One thing is for sure, none of you are faggots- what you all are is virgin wanna-be Queers, too disgusting for anyone to be around.dreaming of

Anonymous said...

"He told everyone to ignore lawful subpoenas." No, he invoked executive privilege and ordered only administration officials to defy subpoenas. It's called separation of powers. The same thing has been done many times before, most recently by Obama. Look it up.

"He tried to use the office of President to obtain illegal help in the upcoming election against the opponent that he fears the most." Assuming only for argument's sake that there is evidence underlying this claim: what was illegal about it? Cite the law he broke.

Anonymous said...

9:06: In short, they're incels.

Anonymous said...

9:01 - huh? It's the that publication is?

Anonymous said...

God I hope they impeach trump, but I don't think they actually have the votes. I'm a big trump guy and impeachment only helps him.

Also, there no one had many expectations for the IG report, but even so it exceeded my hopes. It was limited in scope. The Durham report and the people Durham is going after is the real thing. If Durham turns up nothing, well then yes that will be disappointing but so far everything looks good.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Oh come on, @10:55!

For months you Trump supporters have been touting the IG Report as "the thing that will completely exonerate Trump and send these criminal Dimocrats to Jail!"

Now that it's out, and validates both the FBI's and Mueller's investigations, you have started pimping the "Durham Report" as "the Next Big thing" - what are you going to pimp when it's a "nothingburger" too, the "Mortimer Snerd Report"?

Anonymous said...

"For months you Trump supporters have been touting the IG Report as "the thing that will completely exonerate Trump and send these criminal Dimocrats to Jail!"

Citation please. I have never said such things and once again we have a liberal making a strawman argument because the only kind of debates they can win are the ones they have inside their own heads

Anonymous said...

There was never any question that the IG report would send anyone to jail. It was only an internal investigation by the guy who came out of the same culture he's investigating. Its purpose is to identify internal shortcomings and suggest fixes, not to prosecute anyone. You must just post whatever pops into your head.

On the other hand, the Durham report does look into potentially criminal actions and may well result in prosecutions.

Anonymous said...

The IG is purely investigative. The report is an indictment of the FBI investigation, including at least 17 distinct failures. Many cases of FBI personnel lying to judge the case.

But you didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Meds. Get back on your meds.