Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Alonzo Washington has garnered a massive Facebook following and a legion of fans not only across the metro but nationwide.

Moreover, he's one of the very few activists who calls out local vigils, politicos and even police for efforts that haven't proven productive.

In opposition to social media talk and current trends in local rhetoric, Alonzo Washington encourages cooperation with authorities against criminals and TIPS over costly taxpayer subsidized "community outreach" initiatives.

Mr. Washington has been an activist in the fight against crime for more than two decades but recently he has declined media interviews and basically works with his vast array of fans, supporters and followers to push back against crime in local neighborhoods more effectively than anyone else.


Anonymous said...

KCK crime is tough to crack. Half of the tips against murders there come from Alonzo and his followers.

Anonymous said...

Business is booming !

Anonymous said...

I follow Alonzo and he does some good work. I think he should stay edgy and a little brash but his ego totally ruins his effectiveness. He can't handle normal obstacles in his efforts. It just kills his credibility.

Anonymous said...

I crack up reading this about Ablonzo.
Balonzoo and his feared crime fighting drone! Criminals just surrender in fear of his highly skilled piloting of Baloozoo’s
Drone. Alblonzo’s is most likely FAA registered and knows all the rules the FAA has on drones when crime fighting and follows them religiously.
I am sure the police go to Albinzo- whenever they can’t solve anything.
I am sure Algongo is too busy to accept the keys to the city- or learn how subject/verb agreement work!

The KC Star should hire Alonzo and have him solve their financial problems while he fights crime and stuff.

He has shown what doesn’t work and criminals respect his work...crime must be down wherever he live

Here is to a commendation certain to be bestowed on Baldonzo!

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but look at how inept and stupid the cops are in KCK.

Anonymous said...

Alonzo could do some good things just too bad he is such a total racist asshole which causes those that should listen to ignore him. For every good thing he might do he does 20 bad things that pisses people off.

Anonymous said...

FAA says his drone needs to be registered with an FAA ID on it.

If you see it take a pic and report it. Huge fine if not registered.

Maybe frank white or carwash will pay his fine.

Or some other crime fighter like Batman or Wonderwoman will pay its.

I bet the Joker has a drone with FAA registration and proper subject/verb agreement

Anonymous said...

Alonzo does good work for the community. He is doing what police can't!

Anonymous said...

What’s funny is he uses his crime drones to take selfie’s of himself.
He’s a racist sob
He can’t fly his drone worth a crap.

Anonymous said...

Hes a real dope. And not too bright