Friday, December 06, 2019


Press conference challenge chronicled and an open question for our blog community amid the fading illusion of American Democracy . . . In these turbulent and divisive times . . . A contest betwixt grumpy old men might just be the kind of entertainment this country needs in order to put the far too serious culture war into the proper perspective for broke-ass locals who don't have a say in how the world is run anyhoo . . . Enjoy this laugh:

On the Heels of a Near-Perfect Campaign Ad, Joe Biden Challenges a Man to an IQ/Push-Up Contest

Joe Biden's campaign released a new ad Wednesday evening that's arguably the best ad of the 2020 presidential race so far. It's all about what a worldwide laughing-stock Donald Trump is. This Biden ad will do 10m+ views on twitter tonight.


Anonymous said...

A push up contest between him and trump would actually be a great way to settle the election.

Anonymous said...

The media is running this video on heavy rotation, and the most likely reason is that they want Biden out of the race. It does not paint the former Veep in a flattering light.

His numbers are going to plummet over this. A (nearly) 80-year-old man trying to play tough guy does not present a good image . . . not in these overly-sensitive, PC times. He used to come off as merely a doddering but likeable-enough codger; now he comes off as a mean old man in the early/mid stages of dementia.

I wish, when he was challenging the old, fat dude to an IQ contest or "anything he wanted," that they rotund guy had asked to compete in a public neurological exam.

The Dems are handing Trump a second term on a silver platter. I don't know if that's good or bad . . . but the way things are going, Trump is looking far less crazy than Biden, Bernie, and Warren.

Anonymous said...

Creepy Joes latest round of gaffes is going to be used as an insanity plea to keep his old ass out of jail next year for kickbacks and bribery.

Anonymous said...


The dude is nuts!

Anonymous said...

Democracy here but that doesnt mean I am insane. Looking forward to voting Biden in the primary then watching him get wasted by trump in the campaign then voting for trump in the general.

Fuck the democrats...never again.

Anonymous said...

At least Feely Joe isn't a communist like the other Demoncrats.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess he would have a better chance than the homosexual mayor. The queer is leading, but Jow is trying to come from behind.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are pros at projection. Creepy Joe, feely Joe. I mean, how many fucking sexual assaults has the current POTUS been accused of? How many women has he paid off after banging them. Funny how standards don't count for your guy.

Just admit you don't give a fuck what your guy does because he's your guy.

FTR, Biden is Trump for the most part policy wise except he won't alienate our allies and embrace dictators.

Anonymous said...

Trump campaign is being provided free ads every time Biden speaks.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Ok. I’ll admit it. I’ll vote for trump over any democrat anytime. I don’t care about his past life at all
I’ll quote the late gov of Texas Ann Richards when ask the same thing about bill Clinton in 1992; “....character doesn’t matter”

Anonymous said...

Bumbling Biden has been a laughing stock for a long time. Who else would tell seniors that they're "too old to vote for me."?

Anonymous said...

Biden is the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans. He is the Democratic version of Trump. Just when you think he can't be any worse, he tops himself.

Anonymous said...

It goes beyond character 8:20...but hey, I appreciate you owning the fact that you don't give a fuck.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Agree. It does go beyond character. It goes to your own personal philosophy as to what you want the government to do or not do. Voting for trump was merely a way to put a stop to what I didn’t want the government doing
You can look at every past president and it’s the same thing. President Wilson was a racist and segregationist but that didn’t matter to the democrats because they believed in his progressive ideas. Same with Lincoln. People thought he was a backwoods fool but agreed with his anti slavery stance
Nobody really took jimmy carter seriously as a leader, but after watergate it didn’t matter
Bill clinton’s Personal life was well known but it didn’t matter because his election was a generational passing of the torch
2016 was more about keeping Hillary out more than putting trump in. 2020 will be about the open disdain democrats have shown about America or it will be about being a sovereign nation not dragged down by international institutions
Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

7:41 Trump been accused of far fewer sex crimes than your boy Hillary's husband.

Anonymous said...


Joe Biden is the front-runner!

The guy who first ran for President in 1988?

The guy who can't even get the endorsement from the President he served under as Vice President?

The guy who ACTUALLY committed the crimes related to Ukraine that Democrats now accuse President Trump of carrying out?

The guy whose son got kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use, dated his dead brother's wife, went on sex/drug binges with prostitutes and strippers, sat on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian gas company, took millions in bribes out of Ukraine and Communist China, refuses to pay child support for his illegitimate child with a stripper, and now claims that he's broke?

The guy who has serious and obvious cognitive impairment (just listen to him)?

The guy who struggles to speak clearly and coherently?

YES! That's the Joe Biden who's leading the Democratic Party field toward the nomination.

Trump in a landslide, whether you like him or not.

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

Sorry to be rather blunt here, but Biden couldn't beat his own meat.

Anonymous said...

Silvistor, what exactly was the government doing that you wanted them to stop doing? What did Trump stop?

9:01 - simple google search, Trump has been accused of sexual assualt/misconduct by 25 women. Clinton, I got 4. I mean, one accusation is enough but if this is the Trump hill you want to die on......

Trump -

Clinton -

Anonymous said...

If everything you say about Biden is true, then why are all of you, starting with the Traitor in the White House, so freaking scared of him that you're shitting yourselves?

Anonymous said...

^^^Dream on.

Anonymous said...

During the circus-show impeachment inquiry created by the Democratts, the University Professors never once commented that the true corruption was Joe Biden and his drug-addict son receiving $ millions in bribes from the Ukrainians.

Time to pull taxypayer funds out of the public universities:

1. Use taxpayer funds to provide scholarships directly to students to incentivize majoring in "real" career programs such as health, medicine, criminal justice, engineering, mathematics, finance, information technology, vocational programs, etc. that will benefit the United States.

2. Pulling federal and state funding that is paid directly to public universities will make administrators run a college like a true business. Marxist professors will actually work 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year instead of 9 hours a week and only 8 months out of the year. Marxist professors will have less time agitate and try to brain-wash their captive students with Communist tripe. Also weed out all of the worthless gen ed classes which are nothing more than Marxist propaganda against the United States, Christians, and Capitalism and a total waste of student's money at $1,000 + per class.

3. Higher Educations needs to be totally re-engineered as it is living in a fantasy land, costly time-warp that does not reflect today's society.

4. Eliminate the Federal Student Loan program and you will see tuition rates drop like a rock as student demand for classes will drop. Thus, colleges will have to cut the fat in order to provide an affordable product to its customers. Just like any other business. Pure Economics.

Anonymous said...

^^^Cuz your bullshit conspiracy theories have been debunked. Hunter Biden and Burisma were investigated and no evidence of illegal activity was found.

I see crazy Rudi is over in Ukraine now talking to Russian backed corrupt Ukranians trying to dig shit up. It boggles the mind how people connected to or in our government now are all lovey dovey with Russians and Russian related people.

Anonymous said...

10:24 you are delusional. What investigation found no wrong doing? Has there been an investigation? The kid had no experience, did not speak the language, traveled with his dad to these foreign countries (ukraine n china) then miraculously was soon chosen to be on these boards and was receiving millions just sitting on foreign corp boards doing nothing.

Hmmm...Just so happens pelosie's, romney's and kerry's son did the same. Probably alot more too - that is why they need to get trump out because he is revealing the longstanding corruption of politicians and their mega donors using the usa tax payers as their personal bank accounts

Anonymous said...

So you claim that established facts are conspiracy theories, and then go on to cite the most ridiculous conspiracy theory in decades. Has Rachel Maddow been worried about the Russians controlling the weather again?

Anonymous said...

A wise move, if you are a Democrat, is to stay far, far away from the sexual assault angle. That's why Hillary won't run. There are far too many ties to Epstein, to say nothing of her own husband's revolting history as a rapist and exploiter of women and her own role in aggressively destroying women who spoke up about it.

Anonymous said...

Scared of an ancient, overcompensating, manifestly corrupt politician who can't even keep his teeth in his head and who explodes at questions from his own voters.

Sure. Hey, how do you think it will go when he's trying to campaign and defend his corrupt family in the Senate at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems they clearly wanted Warren, but she's sucking wind in the polls now. Mayor Pere has zero minority support. It's grim for Dems.

Anonymous said...

Trump is what the founding fathers intended. A citizen, not necessarily a lawyer serving the people at his own expense as a way of giving back to the country that enabled the individual and their families success. Not a decades long job to get rich at. We should all back Trump, the no term limit get ruch lawyers will never allow a citizen to get elected again.

Anonymous said...

Then why is he charging the US Taxpayers $1.2 Million every time he leaves the White House to stay on one of his own properties, the way he has for over 1/4 of the time he's been in Office?

He has Camp David available, free to the US, but instead insists on using Mar-A-Lago or his place in New Jersey, while billing our Government for compensation "for the use of his facilities"!

How ws the Kool Ade, Pal?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Making a mountain out of a mole hill. I watched the tape, Biden's response was not inappropriate. He had just been accused of corruption by a voter that "saw it on tv", which means he watches Fox, & is not a Democratic voter.

I don't want to vote for yet another old white man.

But, I am "human scum" because I am a "Never Trumper".

Anonymous said...

Oh FFS, it's sooooooo fucking pointless with Trumptards. Try reading something online outside of Breitbart, Stormfront, Fox News or whatever right wing crap you get your information from. Biden and his kid have been found to commit no wrongdoing.

Just cuz that fucking nutcase Rudi is over there talking to Russian backed operatives trying manufacture dirt doesn't mean there's something there.

I fucking give up. Our country is fucked with you morons as citizens. It's literally Soviet Era bullshit.

Anonymous said...

11:13 - you think Trump has no ties to Epstein?????

Anonymous said...

As in taking 27 rides to his child molester island and vacationing every year at his creepy human breeding farm, no.

Anonymous said...

This blog has more activity than Sanchez or Jimmy combined.
Yesterday and this week was a total failure on Dems.
All Dem “ constitution experts” were flawed due to donations and allegiance to Dems.
Don’t let’s facts get in the way with hearsay and phone numbers that Schiff has not a clue where they came from.

History being made as liberals scream for nothing- Peloton husbands in commercial try to encourage fitness and real gifts- and the media and the retired media have not a pulse on real Americans... nothing getting done in Congress.

Go ahead and impeach. Won’t matter. Trump will win and :
1. Old man senile Alzheimer’s Joe Biden will be in a nursing home soon.
2. Newspapers will die from green new deal... papers in driveways? Geez
3. Jobs will be going up
4. More will be hired across minorities
5. Stocks and 401k’s up
6. Crime down where cities don’t have earnings tax
7. Streetcars shut down (see St Louis )
8. Etc etc

Anonymous said...

1:15 no I’m sure you were human scum long before Trump was elected,you have just made obviously clear.

Retro ROCKER said...

Enjoy the Show.