Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Kansas City Christmas News Package

Our quick peek at pop culture, community news and some of the more interesting items for our community of newshounds. Checkit:

Hobo Help for Holidays

Kansas City group spends Christmas Eve passing out hot meals, gift bags to homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With the rush of the holiday hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget the reason for the season. This Christmas, one group has found a way to make sure the homeless and those in need get a little more attention.

New Temp Potty For Hobos

KC Public Library's North-East branch open at interim location

The North-East branch of the Kansas City Public Library officially opened at the interim location this week. The library is undergoing an extensive, 9 to 12-month renovation at the 6000 Wilson Road location. In the meantime, the library will operate across the street at 5930 Wilson Road, inside the old Peking Garden Chinese restaurant at the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center.

Santa Road Rage

Holiday travelers facing congested roadways ahead of Christmas Day

MERRIAM, Kan. -- According to AAA, 8.6 million drivers will take to the roads in our region this holiday season. Many of them coming through Kansas and Missouri. "We're going to spend like 3 or 4 hours here," Jose Castaneda said. Castaneda and his family doing some last minute holiday shopping in Kansas City.

Cheesecake Promo X-Mas

Farrah Abraham Looks Provocative In Pink In Raunchy New Christmas Photoshoot

Former 'Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham gets provocative in pink for a new raunchy Christmas photoshoot at Kitten Kay Sera's Pink Palace in Hollywood.


Farrah Abraham Gets 'Artificial Fat' Butt Injections & Shares The Video For Fans

Farrah Abraham isn't afraid to share the secret behind her booty. The former Teen Mom OG star posted a video of herself getting "artificial fat" butt injections.

Rocketman Surprise Backed Up By Commie Global Super Power

China calls on US to take "concrete steps" with North Korea

China has called on the US to take "concrete steps" to deliver on what was agreed between US and North Korea at their Singapore summit last year.

Fake Gronk Greatness???

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce continues to grow and evolve

There is an old tale that pops up from time to time, parts of which Chiefs coach Andy Reid still disputes, about a phone call he made to Travis Kelce when Kansas City selected the tight end in the third round of the 2013 draft.

Democrats Losing Momentum???

Democrats in disarray: 2020 election at risk

The Democrats are in disarray and face a number of problems winning the 2020 election. For starters, the Democratic presidential nomination process is highly fluid. In early primary and caucus states, no candidate has managed to sustain a lead over time. The criteria for qualifying for a debate slot and the debates themselves have hurt candidates and the party.

Community Coffee

Splitlog Coffee opens in Northeast

Splitlog Coffee has opened a second location in Pendleton Heights at 546 Olive. A more spacious space than their original location in Strawberry Hill, owners Adam and Caleb Wittmer said it's a perfect place for meetings, studying, or just hanging out. photos by Krystin Miller

Powerful Ahead Of Playoffs

NFL Power Rankings: Where do the Chiefs Rank After Sunday Night's Victory?

The Kansas City Chiefs tallied their fifth victory in a row on Sunday night with a dominant win over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, and as the Chiefs continue to fire on all cylinders at seemingly the perfect time with the postseason approaching, the national pundits are once again taking notice.

Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

All Kansas City wants for Christmas is a Chiefs Super Bowl victory. Not much to ask!

Anonymous said...

'Wait till next year'... decade.... century..... aeon...... parts ad infinitum....... verses ad nauseam........ never-never-land

Anonymous said...

What woman in Kansas City is in decent shape but has the hugest breasts?

Anonymous said...

Fake Gronk aka kelce the klown 'best' TE the NFL?

Evidence says otherwise.

In an era game, rules and stats have been diminished in relevance due to the many advantages given offense (and especially receivers and qb's), kelce the klown - despite more opportunities (targets) than any other NFL TE save one, ranks no better than mediocre in more categories than not.

Say it ain't so!

Alas, 'tis so.

1) W's & L's: 5 other teams TE's win more often/lose less often than kelce

2) Scoring: 6 other TE's score more tds; klown is not even alone at 7, but tied with 7 MORE TE's, making him but a 'top 14' TE

3) Dropped passes: klown has dropped more passes than any other TE the NFL, having butterfingered away 6 of them

4) Fumbles: only 2 other TE's have fumbled the ball more often than klown

5) Yards per catch: klown is but TIED (with yet 2 more) TE's in 6th place

Does kelce the klown lead in any category? The generously targeted (he's 2nd among all TE's) over-hype is only 6 catches and 167 yards ahead the next guy each category, neither of whom is targeted much as the klown.

Ranks #1 as biggest prima donna ever to wear the KC uniform: over-hyped as stat facts affirm, his self-aggrandizing juvenile antics/spastic gyrations afield have been an embarrassment. kelce the klown a leader? Let us have a walk down memory lane: obscene gesture, throwing an official's flag and of course dropped passes and fumbles just when you don't need them, highlight his career resume.

BEST TE's NFL 2019: most productive per targets

Kittle / 78 / 967 / 5 / 12.4 / 61td* / SF
Andrews / 64 / 852 / 10* / 13.3 / 51 / BALT
Ertz / 88 / 916 / 6 / 10.4 / 30 / PHIL
Waller / 84 / 1038 / 3 / 12.4 / 48 / OAK
Cook / 41 / 668 / 8 / 16.1* / 61td* / NO

klown / 94 / 1205 / 5 / 12.8 / 47 / kc

Upshot: winning ultimate/scoring penultimate offense, only thing kelce the klown gets more of is over-hype and hometown hoo-ha; just the fact, ma'am.

Sgt. Joe Friday signing off, for now.

Anonymous said...

@7:21 her name is Tessie Tupperware and she hangs out (literally) at the P&L District most nights.

Anonymous said...

There was another video a few years back of Farrah getting a butt injection. It was much better.