Sunday, December 29, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Charges Open Thread

It's playoff crunch time and this game isn't so much about the lowly AFC West but instead offers a preview of upcoming post-season play . . .

2020 Sneak Peek

Chiefs close out regular season vs. Chargers at Arrowhead

The playoff scenarios are relatively simple for the red-hot Chiefs ahead of the AFC playoffs, which begin next weekend. It's possible that Kansas City, which wraps up the regular season against the Los Angeles Chargers at noon Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, can avoid having to play next weekend.

Game Day Confrontation

Chiefs-Chargers Keys & Matchups: Kansas City Looks to Extend Dominance over AFC West Opponents

The Chiefs bring a five-game winning streak into their season finale against the Los Angeles Chargers, but their dominance with the AFC West extends much longer, Kansas City already claimed its fourth-straight division title, and the club has won six-straight and 26 of their last 28 games against divisional opponents.

Grudge Match Today

Xavier Williams - and the Chiefs defense - have a score to settle

When Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Xavier Williams suffered a high ankle sprain in the Week 5 game against the Indianapolis Colts, the Chiefs were on the way to losing their first game of the season. Through the five games Williams in which had played, the Chiefs had given up 113 points - 16th in the league - and 1,965 yards, which was 27th.

Salty Postscript

Kareem Hunt Makes Surprising Comment About Being Cut By Chiefs

Cleveland Browns RB Kareem Hunt has had a tumultuous journey over the past few years of his career. During his rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, the Toldeo product led the NFL with 1,327 rushing yards. In 2018, Hunt was on pace for another 1,000-yard season through 11 weeks.

And so . . .

This should be an easy one as the team looks at tougher competition and the road to the 2020 big game.

Accordingly, this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Who cares ? Only one more game till next year

Anonymous said...

Entertainment for the cattle class.

Anonymous said...

Oops, looks like the Pats got bored and started trying.

Wow, I really thought that Miami was gonna beat them and pave the way for the Chiefs Super Bowl.

That's what you clowns were thinking wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that post didn't age well

Anonymous said...

2:42 SUCK IT !!!

Anonymous said...

Did holthus call tyreek hill "cheetah"?

Anonymous said...

LOOOL @2:42. You might wanna stay out of the prediction game Hoss.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs if they make the super bowl will just embarrass the crap out of the city. Kansas City is the joke of the country
more or less and the Chiefs just might seal the deal for us.

Anonymous said...

2:42 must be a donks fan, too bad.

chiefs get the bye week!!

Anonymous said...

'CHOKE' mahomes final stats, 2019: outplayed by many, many starting QB's, presenting the non-local yokel, 'just the facts, ma'am, sobering reality:

Passing Yards: 1 no... 2 no... 3 no... 4 no... 5 no... 6... no (7th? yes)

Td passes: ay caramba - bringing up the rear with the also-ran's #8 - 12)

Completions: 9th

Completion %: 9th

"But but but" swiss chief fandumb cries "he's the greatest of all times!"


Let us review, with none of that 'special' kc sauce slathered on top (if's, and's or buts): 'Catsup Boy' places 7th, 8th(-12), 9th and 9th... D'OH !!!

Maybe another category?

* Most wins a starting QB? the line forms to the right/take a number... #6

* Fewest passes int'd? lo siento pero no - Rodgers fewer and in more att's

* Best average yards per pass? if it's Ryan you're dyin: it is... Tannehill

Longest pass play by an QB? uh-uh... half a dozen more QB's finished better;
enough this also-ran qb as pretender team whose season ends aft 1 more game

Congratulations '2019 NFL MVP' and 'Superbowl Champion'...

[ drum-rollllllllllllllll ]


[rim shot / cymbal crash!]

... meanwhile, there the two football favor forgot: 'wait till next year!' Catsup Boy/swiss chiefs, part 2020, verse 51... tbc

Mo Rage said...

Chargers. It's Chargers.

And yeah. It will surely disappoint you.

We won.

And the Pats died.


Anonymous said...

No one cares! NFL is for Anti-American LOSERS. How fitting that Mahomes is on a box of cereal. Anyone who puts up with the NFL is a flake. Eat Me

Anonymous said...

A QB tale

Lots of great years and seasons ahead the the best QB's in the game, Ravens Lamar Jackson and Texans Deshuan Watson... hands down the best QB's the game right now, having surpassed every other young QB in the game.

SF's Jimmy Garoppolo and BUF's Josh Allen (owner of the strongest arm in the NFL) are coming on strong and may be in the conversation early as 2020. BAL, HOU and BUF look to have the AFC locked up for the next several years, while short term NFC NO, GB and SF are tops with SEA and LA right behind brightest futures (at present Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson tops among all veteran QB'S NFL.)

The enigmas: underachievers QB's as teams: Trubisky, Carr and mahomes.

Anonymous said...

@5:37-who told your degenerate geezer-ass to come up for air? Get back on your knees and suck that dick! Mahomes is your daddy! Troll-bitch!

Anonymous said...

"When the Chiefs win the Superbowl or at least play this year in the Superbowl"

- well if you're not sure @'not brimming with confidence' 8:21 PM

Anonymous said...


Oh Chimpy, you love playing in your own poo