Monday, December 23, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Turns Salty Against Chicago Bears

A brief explanation of his bittersweet hand gestures directed at all of the teams that passed him over . . . Read more:

Patrick Mahomes had nothing to say about counting to 10

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made waves last night when - after his passing touchdown to Travis Kelce in the second quarter - he ran to the sideline and counted to 10 on his fingers. Mahomes was the 10th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, whereas Mitch Trubisky, his counterpart in the game, went second overall after the Bears traded up.


Anonymous said...

Best QB's in the NFL 2019

1 Lamar Jackson
2 Deshaun Watson
3 (tie) Aaron Rodgers / Russell Wilson
5 (tie) Tom Brady / Kirk Cousins

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Garoppolo

Anonymous said...

* Drew Brees also tied #3 ~ Brady and Cousins falls to a tie at #6

Anonymous said...

NFL's own rating system that determines the best QB the 'QBR'


Ryan Tannehill 116.5
Drew Brees 115.7
Lamar Jackson 113.3
Kirk Cousins 111.1
Russell Wilson 107.3

... but no 'Catsup Boy' mahomes


1 Lamar Jackson 36
2 Jameis Winston 31
2 Russell Wilson 29
4 Jimmy Garappolo 27
5 Deshaun Wtason 26
(t) Dak Prescott 26
(t) Carson Wentz 26

... again, no 'Catsup Boy' mahomes = OVERHYPE

Anonymous said...

You suck more dick than anyone anywhere. No hype, just the truth. And you’re proud of it.

Anonymous said...

@4:51PM-This isn’t KC Confidential. Your troll-bait shit doesn’t play here old man. Here we call out degenerate cocksuckers when we see them, and 5:09PM is right, you’re the biggest cocksucker on here. How does Mahomes Dick taste? He keeps shoving it down your throat week after week.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post @4:51

You are correct, and the truth is there are several QB's better than Mahomes in the NFL and the statistics as well the wins back those facts up.

Anonymous said...

He goes by the handle Kerouac. Constantly bashing the Chiefs. Nothing better to do I guess.