Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs QB Drops The Nice Guy Routine For Playoff Season

The hometown hero is getting a bit meaner this holiday season and that's probably a good thing as far playoff competition is concerned. Checkit:

Patrick Mahomes film review: showing the world the chip on his shoulder

By all indications, Patrick Mahomes was built in a laboratory with one purpose in life: to be an NFL quarterback. He has the pedigree of a professional athlete, gaining behind-the-scenes experience watching baseball legends like Alex Rodriguez put in the work.


Anonymous said...

Articles like this make you want to root against him

Anonymous said...

^^^^Only if you’re a degenerate geezer cocksucker it does. Everybody else is cool with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised how the author wrote that article considering they had Mahomes' dick in his mouth the whole time while writing it.

Anonymous said...

Dont care

Anonymous said...


1) Lamar Jackson
2) Deshaun Watson
(t) Drew Brees
(t) Aaron Rodgers
(t) Russell Wilson

... but no 'Catsup Boy' mahomes

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself you hip cock swallower

Anonymous said...

'Catsup Boy' mahomes stats update:

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks 6th in QBR, the NFL's own best QB rating

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks - TIED - for 7th QB wins a starting QB

* 'Catsup Boy' also ranks but 7th in total passing yards

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks - TIED - for 9th in td passes

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks 12th in completion pct %

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks 16th in pass completions

* 'Catsup Boy' ranks 31st fewest sacks/time to pass

Any more Q's re: the swiss chiefs barely top 10 QB 'Catsup Boy' mahomes?

(( he's a 'superstar' you know... in the fertile minds local fandumb ))

No? Yeah, didn't think so...


Anonymous said...

More football 'facts' never heard in kc (you'd need hip waders locate the truth because it's piled under so much... well, gets 'pretty deep' there)

Evidence reigns (interprets), feelings do not:

Strongest arm QB the NFL: Josh Allen, BUF

Fastest player the NFL: John Ross, WR CIN


You hear it radio, tv, in print and conversations otherwise: Pinocchio-types fandumb as media touting former swiss chiefs RB jamaal charles as having the best 'yard per carry average' NFL history: and all of those saying it are...


1 Michael Vick 7.0
2 Randall Cunningham 6.4

"Yeah but yeah but, he's best among all RB's who ever played pro football!"


1 Marion Motley 5.7 (NFL, and AAFC)

charles? No, he's not in charge/5.4

Jim Brown 5.2 career, 5.3 his final season (and in 289 carries); charles only 1.2 already over the hill and 'running on fumes' his last season(s), tells anyone interested who the better/best ever RB was (Sayers ties JB.)

That it became easier to rush the football due moving the hash marks almost half a century ago - AND - (for example) charles carried the ball far fewer times than (example) Jim Brown, who carried almost 1000 more times worth of wear and tear in just 9 years while charles played 11, also quite telling.

TRUTH lies between bias & objectivity, result in lieu local overhype and style points (spelled 'ooohs and ahhhs' i.e., ones subjective preference hometown hoo-ha nod kc players, be it charles, hill, kelce or a mahomes.

Same the annual 'this is our year' promises (sans the accompanying 'horses' necessary), 'we're the best team in the NFL' and 'we have the best (insert position: TE, QB, RB, WR, whatever) in the NFL.

Until gum beating begets best terms results, why swiss chiefs are the team and kc the town football favor forgot, half a century ago. Evidence before sentiment, facts afore feelings... Sgt. Joe Friday signing off, for now.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Figured a degenerate geezer cocksucker like you would be all alone on Christmas. Open up and say ahhhh....Mahomes keeps shoving is cock down your throat each week. Take all you bitch!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Oh Chimpy, you love playing in your own poo.

Springheel said...

This guy has it out for the truth ! He is not way, way off, but she fugazi's the stats enuff to portray things false. Jim Brown was the greatest-no doubt- but Jam Charles surpassed him for the first 9 seasons and lost the ypc stat only by .2 yards in the final 2 seasons in which he was over the hill. Jimbo himself said Charles was amongst the top 5 of all time. Stats can lie, but they are closer to truth than fiction when they are that impressive over a large sample size. For anybody who has watched Mahomes, stats can be damned (though his #s can be unbelievable) as even a subpar game by his standards will show impossible throws that Josh Allen simply will never make in 50 games. As for Josh Allen having a stronger arm-throwing 80 yrs max as opposed to 79 ? And can he throw it sidearm across his bod while off the back foot with 2 guys bearing down on him ? No- he would have made these ridiculous throws that Mahomes makes 2-3 times a game for 1st downs instead of over or under throwing like he does. Don't listen to this dude, he is a deceiver.

Anonymous said...

Kerouac has nothing better to do. Lonely existence it must be.

Anonymous said...

How much time and internet paper have we shed further light on the football half-truths courtesy half-wits same twist it to their liking via 'selective massaging', kc style?

Because it's all about the 'style points', yes? No? Jeff George passing form and arm was 'purtier' and made better throws any QB ever lived. Alex Tanney? His passes more entertaining too than any 'Catsup Boy' will ever make - more those 'oooohs and ahhhhs' that must suffice in lieu results individual stats as championships, as swiss chiefs players and fandumb knows so well.

The trio does share one thing in common, as local yokels of generations and generations same: champions/stat kings of diddly squat - 'we can't do it on the field so do it with our mouths': talk about it, rationalize it, bend it into over-hype fits our unrequited pleas, fills the empty spaces/places our minds echoes like a empty trophy case one (double entendre) arrowhead drive ... that's all we got.

Yappin and a waitin till next year, how they love counting them up before they (never) arrive - 'this is our year' an local tradition 18,246 diddly squat days the making now since January 11, 1970... do go on, which is to say:

ok trolls, your turn...

Anonymous said...

^^I believe you were told to go suck mahomes dick. Degenerate geezer cocksucker.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff @11:18

Keep on keeping on

Anonymous said...

^^Yes, buy all means keep sucking that dick. You're good at it!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Oh Chimpy, you are a banana-eating expert!

Anonymous said...

12:22 and 3:19 get theirs skulls caved in!