Thursday, December 26, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Desperately Await 2020 Super Bowl Victory

This is season has already been an exercise in disappointment and hype. Now things are about to get real and, according to this report, Kansas City fans are pushing to eliminate any semblance of doubt. Checkit:

Chiefs' fans among top three most confident bases in the league

Many of you here at Arrowhead Pride began voting on various things concerning the Kansas City Chiefs and matters across the NFL last year and this past offseason. This is part of SB Nation's tool, which sends weekly questions to the city's most plugged-in and dedicated Chiefs fans via email.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm really disappointed they WON THEIR DIVISION, shithead.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Look at the competition.

I guess you're easily impressed. Which explains why you're spending your holidays with TKC.


Gobi said...

It'll be a let down if the Chiefs don't win the super bowl.

But there's a really good chance they will.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ not a chance. Again

Anonymous said...

A tale of two cities - that sign post up ahead, next stop: The Futility Zone (or if you prefer, a tale well-calculated to 'not' keep you in... Suspense!)

Tonight's episode: 'You Can't Always (or Ever) Get What You Want', starring those hapless NFL chiefs/MLB dodger$ as two characters in search of an exit: former aspires be the latter, latter aspires not be the former - together a combined 80 years counting and mounting 'wait till next year!'... KC and LA.

Each and every year the faithful deux do promise: 'this is our year'; each and every season's end, proclaim 'wait till next year'... they are a silly, sad lot all of them: teams/players/fandumb and pundits two/too, alike.

LA has won 7 straight NL West division titles - so what. They've not won a World Championship in forever (sound familiar?) 32 years baseball futility compared football version, town favor forgot ours: happy birthday # 50 KC!

How do the swiss chiefs stink? Let us smell the whiff which is to say as a case of unrequited dreams i.e., Limburger cheese, wafting into your memory the eyes, ears and nose - suffocating as it goes - driving you in-sane.

Let us count not the ways, the whys or wherefores, merely the days - 18,246 - the seasons - 50 - the money you no longer have - 0 - and lifetimes which have been lost on and to them... mental health counselors are, standing by.

Forewarned, proceed at your own peril toward yet one more demise theirs.

chiefs have won the AFC West division 4 straight years - hip hip hooray! So what. Broncos won it 5 straight years from 2011-2015, and they also won the Superbowl while also playing in a second one - see the difference? Be 'baby steps' swiss chiefs, baby steps... cannot talk a Lombardi afore you walk it.

The Superbowl, remember? Yeah, you 'member: 1970, or, at least you've heard about it from your great great grandpa. The 2019 swiss chiefs? Not so great.

KC's swiss chiefs in an Superbowl? Quoth the Baltimore Ravens... never more. A heads up to the choir: get an early start practicing your 'wait till next year!, part 2020, verse 51' certitudes!

Then Arrowheads, nod routine/per the usual, save time and money: abandon all hope ye who enter here next year... you'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet Mahomes chokes you on his dick week after week. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^ Oh Chimpy, you're such a poo-loving boy!

Anonymous said...

Kerouac sucks.

Anonymous said...

^^Indeed he does. He sucks dick every day.

Anonymous said...

^^ 8:33 and ^^ 8:44

Hey, two assholes - no waiting!