Sunday, December 29, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Capture Playoff 'Momentum" With 31-21 Win Over Chargers

Kansas City residents are always weary when media starts touting the term "momentum" but today's win was impressive despite hero QB Mahomes being pretty well contained.

Real talk: Today's football glory on behalf of a grateful nation really belongs to the Miami Dolphins.

Here's our TKC's favorite stories on the topic . . .

Kansas City Clinches!!! (Ew)

Final score: Chiefs defeat Chargers 31-21, clinch first-round bye

With the Kansas City Chiefs trailing the Los Angeles Chargers 14-10 at the beginning of the third quarter, wide receiver Mecole Hardman caught a ball four yards deep in the end zone, ran it out and returned it 104 yards for the touchdown.

Playoff Prep

Patriots' loss puts Chiefs in better position for another deep playoff run

4:14 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Andy Reid has an 18-3 career record coming off a bye. The Kansas City Chiefs will have the benefit of an extra week of rest and preparation before their first playoff game.

Still Playing Hurt

Chiefs Reportedly 'Fear' They've Lost Key Defender For Playoffs

On the same day they clinched the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye, the Kansas City Chiefs may have lost one of their top defensive players for the postseason. Rookie safety Juan Thornhill, who has been a major cog for an improving Kansas City defense in his first season, is feared to have suffered a "significant" knee injury.

Hottest KC Ticket

Limited Chiefs postseason tickets remain

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Chiefs fans looking to cheer on their team from Arrowhead Stadium still are able to purchase tickets to the AFC Divisional playoff game. Postseason tickets went on sale at the beginning of December and are available through the , the Chiefs mobile app and at Arrowhead.

Mayor Q Care Package

Kansas City's mayor says they will be sending KC barbecue to Miami's mayor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City is thanking Miami in more than one way after their win against the New England Patriots Sunday to give the Kansas City Chiefs a first-round bye in the playoffs. Mayor Quinton Lucas tweeted that "per a recommendation, yes, we will be sending KC barbecue to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez."

Social Celebration

Best Twitter reactions from Chiefs' Week 17 win against the Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs finished the 2019 regular season with a home win against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, finishing the year with a 12-4 record. Thanks to a meltdown from the New England Patriots, Andy Reid's men are the No. 2 seed in the playoffs and have earned a first-round bye.

Against The Odds

AFC playoff picture: Chiefs earn first-round bye with Patriots loss

The odds were stacked against the Kansas City Chiefs heading into Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, the planets aligned just right so that, despite those odds, the Chiefs still ended the day with an all-important first-round bye in the NFL playoffs as the surprise No. 2 seed in the AFC.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Contained But Happy

Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Dolphins Scoring Improbable Win Against Patriots

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs need to send a gift basket to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Miami Dolphins. While the Chiefs cruised to victory over the Los Angeles Chargers, it's hard not to think they weren't scoreboard watching. The New England Patriots, as the major favorite, hosted the Miami Dolphins in Week 17.

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Fu KC said...

Who has odds on one & done?

Mo Rage said...

Careful, Ton,

t looks like you actually support the local team.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Liberals like Mo Rage hate everything, they can't stand anyone who doesn't they encourage infighting. Ultimately it's one of the biggest problems they must overcome.

Anonymous said...

One more game till the swiss chiefs end their 50th consecutive 'this ain't our year either!'

Anonymous said...

we've already beat the Ravens and the Pats.. could be...

Anonymous said...

...and have already lost to the Titans and Texans - latter in KC - ruh roh!

Anonymous said...

Who cares ?

Anonymous said...

How bout them Chiefs Maude?

Anonymous said...

Time for you degenerate geezer cocksuckers to take a knee for Pat Mahomes and do what you do best. Chiefs rock, you all suck cock!

Anonymous said...

Typical cheaps fanboys always talking about sucking c**k.

Anonymous said...

People still actually watch and worship this lowest common denominator bullshit?

Anonymous said...

8:41 PM It offers excitement to millions of aimless, pathetic, meaningless and empty lives.

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy we really took it to them today!

My dockers will be feeling a little tighter in the crotch when I'm strutting around the office tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

According local legend, he's the greatest QB in the history of mankind and like Al Gore 'the internet', invented condiments. Yet he isn't found among final stat leaders NFL - weird:

* QBR: NFL's own best QB rating finds 'catsup boy' finished 7th place

* TD PASSES: finishes tied for 6th with 6 others - an top 12 not 5 QB

* PASSING YARDS: finishes in 8th place behind 7 other better NFL QB's

* COMPLETION PCT%: finishes in 11th place behind 10 other better QB's

* COMPLETIONS: finishes 'lucky' 13th, behind 12 other better NFL QB's

* OTHER: doesn't lead in game-winning drives, or fewest interceptions

The parlance, an body of work spelled 'o - v - e - r - h - y - p - e'

Despite no evidence, clearly this is a conspiracy and the other NFL QB's cheated and are guilty of collusion, obstruction, treason and bribery... therefore, a full investigation and do-over the 2019 season is warranted.

Only. it will have to 'wait till next year!'

Anonymous said...

^^^False. Your Dovkers don’t fit over your Depends.

Anonymous said...

^^^ What's the frequency, Kenneth? Lemme answer that for you... every 50 years

Anonymous said...

^^ Oh Chimpy, you love playing in your own poo

Anonymous said...

Sorry @9:36 nobody’s buying those stats. You “failed” to mention the Mahomes played in three fewer games than the rest of those other QB’s due to injury, so those stats are as phony and useless as you are. Nice try no go away.

Anonymous said...

@9:56 Sorry, you fail to mention that other QB's have also missed games (just today for example, the two best did - MVP Lamar Jackson and runner-up Deshaun Watson both sat out, and there are several others throughout 2019 same.)

The only thing phony is your integrity and character - the stats as my takes are genuine... you keep trying though, ok?

: )

Anonymous said...


Here, lemme help you out...

Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Ryan & Matt Stafford are all QB's who have missed games - multiple games/more than 'Catsup Boy' too some of them - yet - all of them are better than 'Catsup Boy' in one or more the stat categories that I referenced earlier... weird

: )

Anonymous said...

Well 9:56, looks as if you've hightailed it out of Tony's KC... have your reply here on my internet desk by 0900 hours Monday morning

(PS) Remember too, 'Catsup Boy' is the greatest QB of all time according local legend - he should be able to win EVERY stat category, every game, every year, and twice on Sundays - even when he's on the bench, because, well... he's that greatest ever, right?

heh heh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

G'nite sugar

: )

Anonymous said...

'Catsup Boy' update: he falls two slots in td passes, from tied for 6th place to tied with 6 other QB's for 8th place! He's so good he even moves (down) in the stats when he's not playing... he's a 'superstar' you know.

Anonymous said...

Kerouac spends his entire life bashing the Chiefs. Must be a miserable existence.

Anonymous said...

^^ Who's Kerouac?

Anonymous said...

@9:56 PM has left us, may it R.I.P. (as the swiss chiefs same since... 1970)

FINAL 'Catsup Boy' STAT LINE 2019

* QBR: NFL's own 'best QB' rating finds that he finished in 7th place

* TD PASSES: finishes tied for 8th with 6 others - an top 14 not 5 QB

* PASSING YARDS: finishes in 10th place behind 9 other better NFL QB's

* COMPLETION PCT%: finishes in 11th place behind 10 other better QB's

* COMPLETIONS: finishes 15th place - behind 14 other better NFL QB's

* OTHER: doesn't lead in game-winning drives nor fewest interceptions

The greatest QB of all time... CASE CLOSED / DISMISSED

Anonymous said...

^^weren't you told to go suck a dick? You got busted. You post too much, are really lonely, and quite a dullard. Stick to sucking cock gramps, it's all you know!

Anonymous said...

^^ Oh Chimpy, you love playing in your own poo