Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Kansas City Blogging The Deep State Amid Prez Trump Impeachment Debate

Late night think piece contemplation from a comment fave along with resources from "many sides" of this debate . . . Checkit:

CHUCK: Half A Brain, Half A Brain, Half A Brain Onward

They could see the guns, that day on Oct. 25th 1854. The Dragoons must have wondered as they spurred their horses into a frontal assault what their leaders were thinking. Miscommunication between Lord Raglan in the chain of command and the brigade, that was supposed to hit a soft objective and recover guns, was sent into withering fire and destroyed.

Today and over the last 4 weeks, Democrat leadership in the House Of Representatives seem to be on a suicide mission. The English made mistakes in the heat of battle. The strategy worked out by the big thinkers in the House, is astonishing in it's seemingly self destructive intent.

Today's hearings, will be interpreted by both sides as a win. No doubt, those in the Silo on the Left, will remain convinced of the President's perfidy and malfeasance, while those in the Silo on the Right, will disagree.

What about the middle, the unconvinced, or, those whose cursory knowledge of current events is superseded by every day exigencies?

There is no clear winner at this point in what is categorically an effort to win over public opinion and damage, or remove the President. What could change this?

1) A Senate Trial. Even if you are as obtuse as Eric Swalwell, you have to admit, that the reversal of the process that just took place, in the House, in a "Trial" in the Senate, with Mitch McConnell in charge, will be devastating. Adam Schiff will be a witness. The Bidens will have to testify. The list of witnesses, with culpability relating to activities over the last 3 years should terrify the House Leadership as they cruise over the cliff, ala Thelma Pelosi and Louise Schiff.

2) In conjunction with this nightmare, the IG Report on the illegal criminality of the FBI, CIA, State Department etc. is due out and will be an ongoing discussion in the media and, on the floor of the Senate, DURING THE TRIAL. Again, remember, this is an effort, not only to unseat the President, but, barring that, damage the President prior to next year's election.

3) In conjunction with the previous 2 nightmares, Prosecutor Durham in my opinion, will indict, over the next 3 to 6 months, during the Trial, Deep State Actors who are neck deep in premeditated criminality. This will, in no way, damage the President and in fact, will make him unbeatable in the coming election.

Obviously, I support President Trump and, as a Trump supporter I really, really hope, The House votes to Impeach him.
Think about that.

Further reading . . .

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You decide . . .

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

You may not agree with Chuck but there's no denying his comments represent what a lot of people think. They're not afraid of impeachment and they know it gets their side fired up and ready to go back to the polls in record numbers.

Anonymous said...

True. This is the one election where turnout won't be a problem. It'll probably be a very simply ballot for KC then.

Super Dave said...

Chuck is right and I hope they hurry up and get this over to the Senate where at last a death blow to this silliness will be delivered and fools like Byron will be knocked the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Chuck continues to rave about the IG Report and what it will contain when Trump's Attorney General is already campaigning to discredit it because it doesn't support ANY of the Administration's claims!

And Superduper Dave, nobody has ever expected the Senate to convict Trump for any of his misdeeds, McConnell has made it plain from the start that Trump's allies are in control of the Senate.

What Trump's supporters fail to grasp is that, after the Senate rushes a trial through as quickly as possible, totally disregarding the factual evidence, this will clearly demonstrate to the Public that the entire GOP is mired in a Cult of Personality, and will make every campaign for every Office from local level up, about Donald John Trump.

With the stain of that whitewash job on the Senate's record, and without the voters who cast their ballots AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON in 2016, the Republicans stand no chance of holding onto the Senate or the Presidency, and will probably struggle to get a Republican elected as Recorder Of Deeds in most places.

Anonymous said...

5:29 WRONG, the Republican Party is doing what they should be doing, protecting their party from the insane lies and abuses of the dimwits, even though they may not agree with the presidents actions on twitter and what he says on occasion that makes everybody wonder what the fuck is he talking about. When it’s so blatantly obvious with the constant attacks and witch hunts since day one they are going to stand up fight because if they are going to do this to an innocent siting president then what will stop them from treating the rest of them like this. Everybody gets it, you dimwits hate President Trump, but it’s not impeachable. Get over it.

God bless President Trump and his family!

Anonymous said...

Jobs, jobs. jobs 401k up 20+% what more coild an American ask for ? Leave the man alone he's done all this with next to no cooperation. Just think if the liberials really wanted to help us ?

Anonymous said...

After all this is over, we'll have the election in November.
And the oldest adage in politics is that you can't beat something with nothing.
The Dems' primary campaign has dragged the party so far to the left that there won't be enough time, excuses, or apologies to get their candidate back to the middle real world where most regular folks live.
And there are lots of debates, speeches, and rallies left to go where the desperate attempts at ever-bigger promises and giveaways will continue.
Taking away people's insurance and free everything will not win.
At the end of the day, an election is a choice between two people.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Turley, no Trump supporter, expressed it eloquently yesterday during the silly hearings. In every other case of impeachment there wasn't any real debate about whether there was an actual crime or not. Here there is. Presidents are allowed to have conversations with foreign leaders. Trump had every reason to want to know about the corruption of the Bidens because the Bidens are manifestly corrupt. Not only did Joe Biden make an actual bullying threat to hold back aid to the Ukraine, he bragged about it on television. For some reason that's a-ok.

If you're a Republican, I think you want these hearings to go on until election day. All they do, day by day, witness by witness, is to showcase the poisonous hated of the unhinged left for a duly elected President and the people who voted for him.

The Dems are desperate. No real candidates, no issues or platform but the extremely played out Orange Man Bad. Trump in a walk, exactly because of this kind of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason Pelosi fought her own members (and lost) to avoid impeachment. She knows that, without bipartisan support at the onset, the entire effort looks biased and political.

She also knows that Democrats are notoriously bad at controlling themselves when the cameras come on, and end up looking vicious and petty. Her members don't understand that the sophomoric jokes with which they regale their friends when sitting in a liberal dinner party (vegan, or course) do not play well before a national audience.

Pelosi knows how the liberal members behaved during Kavanaugh - and while she hated the guy - she's smart enough to know that the behavior so turned off independent voters that the GOP was able to hold onto the Senate.

She knows, since there is no chance of removal from office, and since the behavior of Dem House and Senate members is consistently awful, that Trump has a damned fine chance of winning 2020.

And then . . . since Trump will want revenge and will likely declassify the release of just about every unsavory act performed by Democrats . . . the fun will really start.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously, I support President Trump"

Which is what people with half a brain do.

Anonymous said...

The half brains, that’s funny! you’re giving the dimwits too much credit chuck!

Anonymous said...

And yet Mayor Pete will have Butt sex in the Lincoln Bedroom.

chuck said...


"...doesn't support ANY of the Administration's claims!"

I don't think anyone has read the entire thing yet and while I agree, Horowitz works for the Government, so I believe he will spin and soft pedal as much bad news as possible, he has already made criminal referrals in his past reports.

They are held in abeyance, in my opinion, while waiting for this coming Monday's reveal. This Monday will crack open, to some extent, the Pandora's Box of malfeasance and premeditated criminality that the previous administration trafficed in, on an ongoing basis (Spying) since 2010.

The pretense, encouraged by the Main Stream Media, that Progressives are going to skate by unscathed by these coming reports and indictments is a text book definition of "Whistling Through The Graveyard".

I gotta go to work.

Thanks for all the comments - both positive and negative.

Anonymous said...

6:00 am

"Jobs, jobs. jobs 401k up 20+% what more coild an American ask for ? Leave the man alone he's done all this with next to no cooperation. Just think if the liberials really wanted to help us ?"

Like most of his sordid life, Trump's economic success is predicated on work done by others, his dad, the banks he stole from, the CASINO he bankrupted. Just think if the conservatives would have helped Obama, where would our economy be?

Anonymous said...

@5:29 You sound as if you've read the IG report. How much knowledge you must have! Typical Dem with many accusations and no proof.

Anonymous said...

5:54: While I believe it would be best not to impeach and let the voters decide next November, your assertion that "the Republican Party is doing what they should be doing, protecting their party from the insane lies and abuses of the dimwits, even though they may not agree with the presidents..." is not really consistent with previous impeachment actions, especially the one that would have been brought against Richard Nixon. When Nixon asked Barry Goldwater, no bleeding heart liberal he, how many senators would vote against impeachment, Goldwater told Nixon he would have the support of five or six senators and that Goldwater would not be one of them. Nixon resigned.

When Spiro Agnew resigned, Democrats could have refused to confirm Nixon's choice to replace him (as Republicans refused to confirm Merrick Garland), since it was obvious Nixon was not long for the presidency. That would have left the Democratic Speaker of the House in line for the presidency.

Both both parties acted honorably. How things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Viva la Trump

Anonymous said...

@7:47, no, I haven't read the Report, it hasn't been released, that will probably take a Congressional subpoena. I base my speculation on Barr's sudden and vehement 180 degree reversal of his former statements to the Press.

Until he read the IG's report, he was repeatedly touting it as a "vehicle for debunking misinformation regarding the Election",, and now he is making statements in interview that the IG's Report "lacks credibility"!

Since he has politicized the Attorney General's Office and transformed it from its traditional role as the Chief Law Enforcement Body of the Nation into an auxiliary of Trump's 2020 Campaign, I think there is a very real chance that the IG's report found nothing to support the President's oft repeated statements and wildly exaggerated claims.

I suppose the next thing will be the release of another "redacted" (i.e. re-written) version of the Report that Barr will attempt to foist on the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Look at Chuck already coming up with the excuses for the IG report. Face facts, there was no conspiracy and you all are dumbasses.

Let's cut through the bullshit here. You all don't give a fuck because it's your guy doing it. So it's ok. If it was someone else doing this shit....say Hiliary Clinton, you all would be up in arms the same as Democrats are. If I'm wrong here let me know. Because going forward, it's ok for any future President to do this shit. There is no standard. Which is just fucking sad for our country.

Super Dave said...

I disagree 8:51 Hillary did much worse than any of you democrats think Trump is accused of. She walked away and was allowed to run for President a position she never should have been nominated for. Why do you think she lost? She lost because a good many people in this country knew what a rat she really was and didn't want her in office. You will all claim she won the popular vote which is fine and dandy but she didn't win the vote that counts and that's the electoral vote which is in place to get a good rounded off opinion of the country as a whole and not that of mass population in democratic strongholds.

Republicans stand for I can

Democrats stands for like the name says, Demonstration of RATS

Frankly myself I'd like to see both parties dissolved which would have made this impeachment crap much harder to pull off. I will say this about the democrats they are more than willing to leap off a cliff and die simply because a fellow democrat was leading the way and leaped off first.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dave, let's leave Hiliary out of it. Say, Bernie Sanders won the nom and beat Trump. Trump, or whoever for that matter, decides to run in 2020 and Bernie reaches out to a foreign government who Congress has approved aid for and puts a hold on that aid until they announce an investigation into the Republican front runner, you're cool with that?

Can't wait to hear the mental gymnastics on this one.

Anonymous said...

FFS, you guys go all apeshit on TDS all the time but you're fucking obsession with Hiliary Clinton is just mind boggling. Trump won, you'd think you'd be over HRC.

Anonymous said...

@9:32, the "Sane People" (aka Trump Opponents) will stop mentioning Hillary when you Cultists do.

Anonymous said...

@Chuck and others, I would not count on the IG report providing any canon fodder for anyone, progs or the Republican's. Like it or not, Durham, Barr, and others, though on the side of Constitutionality, are still politicos. They will not come to hard conclusions, they will not throw "their own" under the bus; "their own" being governmental agencies not the individual bad actors within. The Deep State has been damaged but not significantly so. That would take a government wide culling of all political appointees and everyone hired under them. Now, that wouldn't be a bad thing necessarily, but it's far too late to do it now. Not to mention, I don't believe the "hired" employees can be fired at-will like political appointees (without basically paying them to stay home).

Rambling on, that does not change anything. The Dems HAVE TO drag out this mockery of House action as long as they can; there literally is no end game. They hope to take it to the next election with an impeachment vote - that they will be in lock-step for - a month or two before the election. It will then move to the Senate, and I hope like heck McConnell has his witness lists and subpoenas already drawn up to issue within five minutes of the inevitable House vote to impeach. The Senate trial, with public hearings, using the same Dem tactics against the Dems, needs to start immediately thereafter. It will be a battle played out in the media, networks will likely refuse to cover any Senate action, or pick and choose soundbites to try and fit their prog agenda. But get the facts out there, I find it very unlikely President Trump will lose.

Anonymous said...

@SuperDave, that willingness to leap first ask questions later is a 100% sideeffect of the hive-mind that has been cultured in the Democratic party since the mid-90s (maybe longer but that's in my era). They destroy dissenting thought that does not advance the prog agenda as Nancy Pelosi found out. She's hard left and got beaten down by the harder left four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse in virtual control of the party.

Anonymous said...

Any of you fucks gonna answer the question regarding if a Democratic was in the WH if you'd be just cool with them doing the shit Trump did? Nah, it's your guy, he can do what he wants and you'll just respond with "Hiliary did something, something and she should be in jail" or some ramblings about Deep State and Cabals or some garbage. Sad.

It's ok he did it because he's your guy, just admit it.

Anonymous said...

Except that they got the aid without the announcement. That's some extortion there. Or is it bribery? Let us know which term you've focus grouped this week.

Speaking of mental gymnastics, how do you justify not engaging with the flagrant corruption of the Bidens? Oh wait. Forgot-if you're on the left your ethics are completely situational.

Anonymous said...

^^^^This from a party that impeached a president over a blow job?

Anonymous said...

It's ok to be flagrantly corrupt and threaten to withhold aid if you're a Biden, right? I ask because he did it on television and bragged about it.


Anonymous said...

Perjury and suborning perjury. It would be a great thing for Ol' Rapey Bill if there wasn't such a thing as perjury, but there is.

Anonymous said...


The sound of an idiot echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

I see, now we're onto Joe. Joe Biden isn't the fucking President and you're weirdo conspiracy theory was thoroughly debunked by the adults, you gonna answer the question? Next's all Jewish people involved here in this.
What's next? Keep em coming. Please, more Republican talking points. Maybe Devin Nunes just butt dialed Lev Parnas????

Yeah, fuck that, we all know the answer, it's your guy, he can do what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Democrats stands for like the name says, Demonstration of RATS

Thats Super Dave is priceless and the funniest fucking thing I have seen in a few days. But it also is the truth so that makes it scary as well.

@9:51 we did and his name was Obama.

Anonymous said...

The durham report is the main one. it's the one with actual criminal charges. The IG report couldn't make charges.

Anonymous said...

Your fantasies are disturbing 10:11. Seek help.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative I fucking love this. I've been hoping for impeachment from the beginning because it only exposes dems as the retards they are. They can't speak publicly without showing they have no actual arguments for anything aside from ORANGE MAN BAD REEEEEE. It truly is like christmas morning.

Thing is, I don't think the dems actually have the votes. Two dems voted AGAINST the rules of the process itself...just the rule not the big shebang. Expect this number to grow with an election less than a year from now and the disaster the dems had yesterday. That was literally the funniest political shitshow I'd ever see. Yes, Please impeach. DO IT!!

Anonymous said...

Expect the dems to offer two or three articles of impeachment, but they'll only vote for one. The other ones are just for show so they can vote down and act like they evaluated the information objectively. They have no good options at this point

Anonymous said...

So, many Republican retards in these comments. This country is fucked. Soooooo many dumb people.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. It's hard to call it a conspiracy theory if Biden is on camera bragging about having done it. Mull this over with your brain cell.

So in your mind it's perfectly reasonable that Biden's crackhead son gets zillions of dollars from a Ukranian oil company well known for its corruption, then abruptly resigns when it comes under scrutiny. All a matter of clear public record.

Your fixation on Jews is a weird strawman, but I understand. When you have no argument throw chaff.

Care to try again? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that nickname, thanks Dave for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem 10:24 - he's bragging about removing a prosecutor who everyone wanted removed because he wouldn't prosecute corruption and was corrupt himself. The vast majority of Europe knew this and wanted him gone.
But sure, carry on. Maybe call the FBI and have Biden arrested. Biden's son, while sporting a poor look, was found to have done nothing wrong. It was investigated yet Republicans continue to trot out the bullshit and apparently it works, because dumbshits, like yourself, take it as gospel. The arguments with you dummys are pointless as you're stupid and anyone who tries to have this conversation with you is dragged down to your stupid level.

It's ok, just admit your ok with your guy doing the things he does because he's your guy. Own it and quit deflecting.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has proof Trump wrongdoing they should go ahead and post it because the democrats are floundering right now and embarrassing themselves because they have nothing except "Orange Man Bad"

I'm not a trump voter, by the way

Anonymous said...

^^Not a Trump voter, sure, got it man. You apparently don't read either.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so not an argument on your part

Not everyone who thinks democrats are fucking retards is a trumper

Byron Funkhouser said...

There is no deep state. The IG report failed to find anything, because the Mueller Probe wasn't started by the Steele dossier. It was started when a Trumpkin bragged about the Russians helping Trump win the election to an Australian Diplomat. That Diplomat contacted the FBI.

Chuck supports Trump because Trump is a white nationalist, too.

Trump will be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Sadly no.

I mean, it's the spin you are going with, and it had better be good because however you like to parse it, Biden is crowing about interfering with the Ukraine so that his son gets to continue rolling in cash as a board member of a notoriously corrupt oil company. Plenty of corruption to go around in Ukraine, obviously. What Biden now has to explain is why he strong armed Ukraine to the direct benefit of his son. As a witness.

And you want people to believe that Biden did this on his lofty principles to unseat a prosecutor and it had absolutely nothing to do with his son.

Sure. Hey, let's see how it sells. Maybe it'll fly.

Come on. If you're a Democrat you just get to make up the rules as you go along.

Ad hominem, check. Strawman Trump supporter stuff, check. More of the same. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^Not even an attempt really. At least try.

Anonymous said...

You really can't tell them that you don't like Trump but you also think the show trial is ridiculous. It triggers them to no end. See below.

Anonymous said...

It's worthless to even argue what Biden did and why he did it with Trumpsters. They don't care, he's just wrong, cuz some dumbfuck Republican says he's bad because he had a guy fired.

Present all the facts you want, the goal posts are continually in motion for Trumptards.

Sad day in our country when your party winning takes priority over the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

So was that a counterargument? Did Biden benefit his completely unqualified son with his quid pro quo or not?

Hunter's on a roll by the way. Now the stripper he knocked up is demanding not only child support but Secret Service protection. Woof.

I do agree with you though. The completely partisan antics of the Democrats are pretty sad. Not to mention doomed.

Anonymous said...

^^^there's literally no counterarguing with you jerkoffs. it's a pointless exercise. a fact is presented and you trot out some conspiracy bs that has no merit. both biden's were investigated and there was no wrongdoing found. end. just pointless talking to you idiots.

Anonymous said...

1:33, which part(s) of the Constitution are you referring to? Be specific.

Anonymous said...

Surrender accepted. One rather simple question defeats you utterly.

I get it, it's frustrating to lose.

You should be used to it.

Anonymous said...

what fantasy do you live in where you think ANY of that was true.
Greetings from reality