Saturday, December 21, 2019


A tragic glimpse at real life and local consequences amid THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN KANSAS CITY METRO HISTORY.

Here's the latest and community news journalism that really helps explain the real life implications of this tax:

Independence florist will close, blames rising property taxes

After more than a decade at the corner of U.S. 40 and Lee's Summit Road, Flowerama announced that it will close. "The end will be somewhere after Christmas and before New Year's," the store owner, said.


Anonymous said...

The 25% Jackson County property tax increase seems unconstitutional. I don't know how Democrats expect we working class tax-paying citizens to continue to subsidize every hair-brain social program that Democrats come up with. Between Jackson County Property Taxes and Health Insurance premiums there is hardly anything left in one's pay check anymore.

You take the Jackson County property tax, add the 1% Kansas City earnings tax, add the 10% + Kansas City sales tax rate, federal income taxes, and state income taxes and there is hardly much left for food, utilities and home ownership. Even though, our taxes are paying for public universities, we still have to pay a fortune to send our kids to college.

Something is not right with how taxpayer money is being expended given how much we all are paying. These outrageous government pension plans where bureaucrats retire at age 52 and outrageous administrator salaries are no longer sustainable by the rest of us as I believe that is where 75% of tax revenue is going.

Anonymous said...

Tell it to Gail Beatty. She thinks everybody gets paid off of nepotism like her. If she had to work an honest day in her life, she might have considered assessing property fairly.

Anonymous said...

If you don't drive a gleaming series 7 and live in new and shiny tax abated modern four story home with elevators and three car garage just get the fuck out of my city losers!

Anonymous said...

^^^ that’s closer to reality than you think, that there was slies whole intention of raising taxes through the roof, get rid of poor people, they hate you.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins.... The democrats who have never meet a tax they didn't like, same for the voters who aren't real smart, and vote according to color and/or a picture of the mayor saying something stupid like....I'm voting for this, not even taking the time to see your tax dollars have not been working for you for years.