Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Our favorite Tuesday news links spectacular, TKC silly photo-editing and a historic display that may or may not win election 2020.


Double Down On Prez Trump

Articles of impeachment: Democrats charge Trump on two counts in historic move

The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives "shall have the sole Power of Impeachment and that the President shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors".

Mean Tweet Blast Today

Trump goes on a Twitter-tantrum after Democrats announce 2 articles of impeachment against him

President Donald Trump took to Twitter shortly after articles of impeachment were announced against him and unloaded on House Democrats. Trump accused House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of lying in their allegations of his conduct toward Ukraine.

Presenting Prez Trump Dox

READ: Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump

House Democrats announced Tuesday that they will bring two articles of impeachment against President Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. "President Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States," the resolution reads.

Double Cross In The Works???

Rand Paul: More Democrats to oppose impeachment, rips Schiff on phone logs

Portraying the removal drive against President Trump as "purely partisan," Sen. Rand Paul believes more Democrats will oppose impeachment in the House vote next week, and at least two Democratic senators may vote against conviction. "I think in the end it's going to be party line in the House.

Take Five

Five key takeaways from the Democrats' articles of impeachment against Trump

Democrats announced Tuesday that they are weighing two articles of impeachment, charging Donald Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Here are five key takeaways: The decision to advance only two articles of impeachment against Trump heightened hopes among Democrats for a relatively smooth going for impeachment once the articles hit the House floor for a vote.

Trade Double Take

Pelosi announces USMCA deal with Trump minutes after Democrats introduce articles of impeachment

You win some, you get impeached some. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Tuesday that Democrats had reached a deal with the White House and were officially endorsing the USMCA trade deal. It would've been a glowing example of bipartisanship if Pelosi hadn't walked to this 10 a.m.

Russian Welcome

Trump gave Russia's top envoy a White House meeting. He still hasn't done that for Ukraine.

House Democrats are moving to impeach President Donald Trump for pressuring Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election partly in exchange for a White House meeting. Ukraine's leaders ultimately chose not to interfere, and they didn't get that White House meeting.

Credit Where It's Due . . .

Bloomberg says Trump would 'eat alive' the current Democratic field

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that he thinks President Donald Trump would "eat alive" his fellow Democratic primary candidates, citing what he says is their lack of relevant experience and preparation for the race.

News Used

Press Watch: There's a war on truth - and the media isn't an innocent bystander

Yes, Peter Baker of the New York Times, truth was on trial on Monday, as you wrote in your lede, but your job was not to throw up your hands and wink. It was to shout the truth from the rooftops, and you failed.

Trump Card?!?!

CNN legal analyst: Impeachment 'looking like a fast train to acquittal in the Senate'

CNN legal analyst Ross Garber said Tuesday that the impeachment process against President Trump Donald John Trump Lawmakers release defense bill with parental leave-for-Space-Force deal House Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment Tuesday Houston police chief excoriates McConnell, Cornyn and Cruz on gun violence MORE is "looking like a fast train to acquittal" in the Senate.


If Ukraine Is Impeachable, What's Afghanistan?

Critics of U.S. policy in Afghanistan have long made the case that U.S. efforts there are doomed to fail. Senior civilian and military officials have offered a different assessment, regularly issuing optimistic progress reports.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

If he wins the acquittal, he'll win the election.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Neither will happen.


Byron Funkhouser said...

He routinely commits tax fraud & insurance fraud, & everyone knows it. Those facts await him when he leaves office. He's already beginning to show signs of a mental breakdown in addition to his obvious dementia. If he wants Pence to pardon him, then he most resign before he's removed because impeachment is an exception to Presidential Pardons.

Again, 11:24, most white men were already going to vote for him & no one else, so where's this additional support supposed to come from? After four years of misogyny & white nationalism he's doubled down on his base, & lost everyone else.

The Senate will probably put party before country & not remove him, but that's on them if they want to obstruct justice like their House colleagues.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Sorry, millennial, your desires don't matter.

You provide no facts, just your ill informed opinion.
Trump will prevail in the Senate, because the Republicans have the votes, and Trump is popular enough for Senators not to oppose him, especially on such thin charges.
Also, Trump will easily win re-election. Why? Because he has a 35% or better approval rating from blacks. This is double what he had on election day last time around.
Prepare to be disappointed. Again.

Byron, your ENTIRE family hates you and it's your fault. said...

Hey 11:44:

This Byron character, the far-left lunatic you are dealing with is not your typical mentally defunct millenial. He is a crotchety, old, far-left fucking psychopath socialist, Hillary-loving troll. Not to mention a chicken fucker, welfare abuser, rat-fuck lying bastard, and happily unemployed. A complete waste of life and a total drain on his fellow countrymen. We all hope his fraudulent welfare payments dry up and he starves to death in his trailer.

NicK said...

using impeachment to distract while they pass NAFTA 2.0 and reauthorize the Patriot Act. weak ass right wing democrats make me sick

Anonymous said...

So Bloomberg thinks Trump will eat the other Democrats alive...meanwhile, he's polling at about 4% and has a higher negative than positive rating overall...but he's supposed to swoop in and be the savior. LOL

Anonymous said...

Byron screaming someone else is commiting fraud is some funny ass stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love trump and I want impeachment to pass the house because it helps him. Please, hurry and vote on it dems! I'm loving ever second

Anonymous said...

We can expect impeachment to become a regular occurance given the low standards being put forth. Welcome to the banana republic that our nation is about to become.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have a whole gotdamn channel dedicated to putting out your propaganda. Fox News literally spent the last 3 hours telling viewers that the IG report says the exact opposite of what it says. Literally, "Trump was spied on, there's a spy ring, Steele Dossier was the basis of investigation"

As long as people rely on Fox for their news, this country is fucked.

Anonymous said...

Well, 2:24, you can bet your sweet ass if a Democrat had done what Trump did, Republicans would be losing their shit. As they should. But hey, it's your guy right....no biggie.

Anonymous said...

^^^We have only one channel, and it is far from a sure thing. The left has CNN, PMSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and oh yeah, Al-Jazeera to lie for them.

Anonymous said...

There was overreach amounting to criminal enterprise. Sorry that's not what you want to hear.

chuck said...

What is really important and transcends the issues and the controversy - is the fact that Tony got another picture of Jordan Carver in the lede.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

If this is such a defining event, why didn’t the democrats take any questions from the press after they announced it?

Anonymous said...

My crazy Uncle has Fox News going in his house 24/7. He's pretty much taking in bullshit from a fire hose. I think that applies to everyone's crazy Uncle, Aunt, Parent, Grandparent, etc.

Me, I mean, I catch the local news in the evening and watch the National news from time to time but it's pretty much one segment, maybe two devoted to politics. Then we get natural disasters, weather, and a feel good segment to end it.

Anonymous said...

If the CEO has a fake tan and health problems he's hiding behind fake doctor's notes along with a fragile ego and fake financial data, that's just not a company you invest in.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Pelosi isn't a CEO, but she does have a twitch.

Anonymous said...

And has invested heavily in Botox! Hahahahaha!

Phil Cardarella said...

John Gotti he would have remained a free man but for his top aide Sammy the Bull testifying for the feds. That is how organized crime families work.

Robert Mueller did not say that Trump didn't collude with the Russians to steal be 2016 election. He said that he could not PROVE intentional collusion. Of course the reason that he could not do so was that Paul Manafort – Trump's connection to Putin – did not "flip" on his boss. One difference was that the feds actually could protect Sammy the Bull, whereas Manafort well understood that no one could protect him or his family from Putin. Besides, there's always the possibility of a pardon after a few years.

As for obstruction of justice? Mueller found clear evidence of presidential guilt, but (correctly) found Constitutional problems with INDICTMENT of a sitting president. He stated that the correct remedy was -- wait for it -- IMPEACHMENT!

Now the House will and should impeach Pres. Trump. His attempted extortion involving Ukraine (extortion is essentially a demand for a bribe and is a form of common-law "bribery" specifically referred to in the Constitution) is obvious. Proven by his own words and those of his underlings. And his refusal to honor House subpoenas and his instruction to his subordinates to defy congress IS itself a crime of obstruction. Unlike Clinton, Trump's crimes are "High Crimes" in that they relate to his official duties as President.

Now, the GOP Senate may well refuse to remove him on political grounds, regardless of his confessed and obvious guilt. The man who once jokingly said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue with impunity now knows that if he did, he could count on formerly-honorable Senators like Lindsey Graham to hold his coat while he shot.

But, the House will have done its job upholding the Constitution. If the Blunts and Hawleys (JD, Yale!) of this world choose their Criminal Capo over our Constitution, history will judge accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Funny how commie brainwashing can work on adults with an IQ over 40. How a leftist can honestly believe what these criminal democrats are trying to shove down the throats of American leads one to believe they either have an IQ of 40 or they’re communists operatives that should be tossed in prison never to heard from again. Pelosi nadler Schumer schiff and the rest of the criminal democrats took a page out of alenskys rules for radicals of blaming your enemies for the crimes your commuting . Every crime the commies have committed they’ve accused trump of doing trying to keep him on his heels defending himself deflecting attention away from themselves. Great scam till it blows up in your face and you go to jail as a lot of democrats are in the future

Anonymous said...

@6:18 Did you take a look at that guy above you? WoW talk about a tool. But your right on the money. Attempted coup morphed into impeachment. KAG 2020