Monday, December 02, 2019

Google Grant Funds Kansas City Star Reporting On Gun Violence

For all their complaining about the Internets, the search giant is a major funder of the foundation behind this effort along with other progressive interests as THE NEWSPAPER TRANSITIONS TO A "NONPROFIT" BIZ MODEL . . . Read more:

The Star receives grant to help pay for 3 reporters covering Missouri gun violence

The Kansas City Star building at 1601 McGee Street in downtown Kansas City is pictured in a file photo. The Star has been awarded a grant from the Report for America program. The Kansas City Star on Monday was awarded a grant from the national service program Report for America to help pay for three full-time reporters covering gun violence in Missouri.


Anonymous said...

You can tell it's totally objective reporting . . . seeing as how they've decided before the fact (by their own description of the project) that guns are the complete and total problem behind African-American homicide. It would be heresy to investigate whether, just possibly, there are any cultural/social issues at play.

Noooo . . . don't look behind that curtain. Such would be racist.

All I want to know, is if paper's banner will be changed to "Google City Star."

chuck said...

^^^ Exactly.

Fuel the "Narrative".

GOOGLE is a monopoly that should be broken up. If we can break up Standard Oil, a company that NEVAR had anywhere close to as much power as GOOGLE, then we sure as hell, should break up this Fascist, Totalitarian company that loves China a hell of a lot more than it EVAR loved America.

Destroy GOOGLE now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wonder if they'll report facts about crimes, or whether they'll just be shaping a narrative.


Super Dave said...

Does the grant demand they tell the truth?

Anonymous said... one will even read it. The star has less than zero influence anymore

Anonymous said...

Lowest in their class at Journalism school must be a reuirement.

Anonymous said...

does it say how much the grant is for? I refuse to give the KCstar any page views

Anonymous said...

Journalism for sale, no ethics will be applied as long the money keeps flowing. This turns the "news" pages into paid political advertisements to promote the leftist socialist authoritarian government agenda. Despicable back slide for a once respectable news organization. That ship sailed a long time ago. Sad not weird.