Thursday, December 19, 2019

Golden Ghetto Needs Affordable Housing?!?!

OR . . . Welcoming new broke-ass friends & neighbors. Here's a look at another American demographic switcheroo as the suburb empty-nesters with cash move back into the upscale urban core and the po'folk seek more services in the suburbs. Checkit:

Johnson County leaders launch study on affordable housing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, work toward comprehensive affordable housing policies, leaders across the state line in Johnson County, Kansas, are beginning a similar discussion. Johnson County's Board of Commissioners Thursday approved county funding for a collaborative study with 17 other Johnson County cities to study the housing market in the county.


Anonymous said...

ReeceNichols opening luxury home brand in Kansas City

As leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, work toward comprehensive affordable housing policies

LMFAO bribes are flowing in

Anonymous said...

KC should send them all the section 8 people they want. What could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing in the golden ghetto? Down goes the golden ghetto. Seems to me there are already tons of trash that has infested JOCO so what's new? Take a look at Sharice Davids and her trashy family. Look at how they got their money and where they come from. Freebies, because they are so innocent from losing the land they never owned in the first place. Whites not included, imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Turn the Sprint campus into section 8 apartments. Diversity for the left wing rich, they'll love it ! Chad can meet a nice girl with an EBT card.

Anonymous said...

There are more older, cheap apartments in JoCo now than you can shake a stick at. We don’t need any more.