Sunday, December 01, 2019

Fighting Pain With Pain In Kansas City

Medical research in this town actualizes that same theory that powers most substance abuse in one form or another. Take a look:

"Clinicians at the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City USA apply an equally bizarre treatment for their patients. They fight pain with more pain. It's a form of intensive therapy that combines tough physical workouts and sensory exercises to overload the nerves with what is at times an excruciating amount of pain signals, in an attempt to reset the body's understanding of, and response to, pain."

Read more:

'Like a knife digging into you': Radical treatment treating pain with more pain

Or if a light massage caused excruciating full-body aches. This is the reality for thousands of young people around the world suffering from Amplified Pain Syndrome - a confounding and mysterious nerve condition that researchers say can affect up to a quarter of all teenagers to some degree.


chuck said...

Are they talking about electing more Democrats?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


While traversing Iowa, Joe Biden came to the painful realization that he's been running for President since 1988!!!

Anonymous said...

Like anything that Children's Mercy does is reliable.
Like bombarding children with hormones to change their sex.
Shameful and disgusting.
I wouldn't take a baby rattlesnake to that place.

Anonymous said...

Want to change sexes? Children’s Mercy? You are a teen?


Anonymous said...

How fucking stupid is this whatever happened to: thou shall do no harm

Anonymous said...

I call bullsh*t on the findings of the “researchers.” Book smart doesnt equal intelligent.

Hypothetically all but a few(*) of Tony’s KC readers were teenagers.
Did 1/4th of us unknowingly suffered this affliction? Show of hands?

* I assume the more thought provoking comments are crafted by precocious 6th graders.