Documenting Life & Times Of Mahomes

The Kansas City QB has shown flashes of brilliance this season but also proven ineffective and overrated. In just a few days, the Patriots will make or break the season and/or the wisdom of local fanboys. Take a look:

Faith, Fear, and Fandom in the Time of Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs QB was the story of last season. A year later, he's finding his way after an injury scare. For Kansas City fans, Mahomes's 2019 has been thrilling and terrifying-and a reminder of what happens when sports become spiritual.


  1. Piss on the CHIEFS12/5/19, 9:29 AM

    Pats will whip the Chiefs and send them home crying WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR.

    MVP my ass!

    Should never had been awarded it, that sort of stuff always places a spell of doom on the Chiefs.

    Mahomie had his flash in life and now he is done. Local kids who can't play football for shit either can all go back to wearing their hair in some style other than looking like a dead squirrel tail is laying on their head.

  2. Rany Jazayerli.... Doofus Delux


  3. OMG weez goin Spiritual! Hand me hot dogs!

  4. ~ I became a Kansas City Chiefs fan in 1963, follow sports today more out of habit than love as was once the case ~

    The best QB in the NFL today is [drumroll]... nebulous, imprecise and fluid

    Reality, is no 'best' beyond subjectivity. Everyone is guilty confusing and conflating their own preconceived bias as interpretation of style points to reach their conclusion. There is no final arbiter or agreement, let alone a consensus on what the criteria is or should be.

    That said, here is my opine: the best QB right now does not play for Chiefs

    Right now, flip that coin and you find Deshaun Watson on one side and Lamar Jackson on the other. Both combine passing and running unmatched by any the other contenders as we speak - Watson a better passer, Jackson nod running; check back next Sunday, next year, and all bets are off - ditto for talent surrounding any QB... team as always is greater than any individual player.

    'Longevity vs youth'

    There are other QB's have more experience and rewards stat and Championship (Tom Brady, Drew Brees), those possess better arms (Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes) and those possess a mix talent, experience, reward while still young enough perhaps earn more Championships and stats (Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson.)

    'Best vs Most'

    Championships are to team as stat is to individual; 'best' isn't merely a matter of 'most' - play longer, you get more stat - you should, any sport. Longevity in itself isn't sacrosanct - watching Willie Mays/Johnny Unitas stumbling around embarrassing themselves end of career to gain an minimal increase/padding their 'stats' not how any player should go out.

    That Emmitt Smith has the most rushing yards ever doesn't make him 'best', just the most prolific nod having gotten more attempts anyone in history.

    Barry Bonds has 'more' home runs than Babe Ruth; that it took him 837 more at bats than Ruth to even tie him at 714 home runs, makes Ruth the 'better' home run hitter as such, whether Bonds stats were tainted or not.

    'More' and 'best' are distinct shy prevailing both aspects; even then the modern specter of cheating via PED/whatever other means, juiced baseballs and bastardized rule changes NFL/other, presents.

    'Best' finds no agreement on criteria let alone consensus; even were there 100% consensus, 'most' never has and never will validate anything, opinion or results sport, any.

  5. ^^TL/DR. Written by a dotard. Mahomes is the reigning MVP, will be the MVP again this year, will get to the Superbowl this year, and is the best QB in the game.

  6. Excellent @11:07

    One of the best posts ever been written on the subject. Like you I too am a Chiefs fan and do not believe Mahomes is the best QB.

    To the fool @11:25

    Get a clue. Jackson will win the MVP in 2019

  7. Continuing from 11:07...

    The current top QBR, which the NFL uses as its marker for 'best' QB is (get ready for it)... Ryan Tannehill?

    Yup - his 113.9 makes him numero uno, which makes this stat as every other nebulous in the grand scheme of things... as every other 'stat'.

    Which. in the grand scheme of things, is no different than calling Mahomes the best in 2018 because he had the most td passes, or Drew Brees the best because he was the best QB because he had the best QBR 2018/led his team a Superbowl shy a horrendous official's non-call.

    Where does the great overhype and local yokel Mahomes stack up 2019?

    Near the bottom, in most stats, no better than an also-ran all told.

    * He is ranked 9th in td passes (and only tied for it with 3 other QB's)

    * He is 11th in passing yards, 18th in completions, 16th in completion %, has fewer wins than all of the better QB's and, well... you get the idea.

    Quite a stretch to call him an contender for MVP or Superbowl as he and the Chiefs are both far down the list likelihood realize either those rewards.


    QBR: Ryan Tannehill

    COMP %: Drew Brees

    PASS YARDS: Dak Prescott

    TD PASSES: Russell Wilson



    Keep dreaming and waiting, KC... 'till next year, part 2020, verse 51'

  8. ^^^and yet the Chiefs have the best QB in the league, will win The Superbowl this year and 11:25AM is right, you are a dotard. Weird.

  9. ha ha ha ha ha @1:05

  10. ^^ha ha ha ha. Your wife's dead! Ha ha ha!


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