Thursday, December 12, 2019


Quick glimpse at PRINT MEDIA SWAN SONG as this mag really couldn't make it as a Golden Ghetto niche publication for the upper-class and now they try their luck covering the KC Proper good life . . . Apropos for #TBT and given that so many empty nesters have now moved into downtown condos and lofts and run out the clock pretending to be rich in the heart of this cowtown. Checkit:

The best moments in 435 Magazine's 15-year history

This issue marks our debut as Kansas City magazine. But as the oldest magazine in the metro area, we have a long history of capturing the city's imagination through our storytelling and photography. In honor of our fifteenth anniversary and our evolution to Kansas City magazine, here's a look back at fifteen of our favorite projects from 435 Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Did 435 Magazine get a $100 million dollar incentive to change the name to Kansas City?