Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Here's a glimpse at the last of hope of po'folk looking to avoid THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN KANSAS CITY HISTORY.

That continues to resonate across the city . . . Here's the latest:

Jackson County's assessment was 'discriminatory' according to Western Missouri Legal Aid

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - A newly released report warns that Jackson County's recent assessment is discriminatory. Lawyers from Western Legal Aid of Missouri warn that the Board of Equalization will become a partner in that discrimination if problems are not corrected.


  1. I noticed about 15 years ago through last year that most houses in the hood were only paying $256 a year in taxes, imagine that, their houses were all assessed at $16,000, how’d that happen? Black people is what happened.

  2. Or, it could be that houses in the "majority" area of town had been assessed correctly, while houses in the "minority" area of town has not been. Hard to believe that the black county executive and the black assessment office director would turn out to be virulent racists.

  3. they were just taking care of there extended families that still lives in the hood, why should they pay there fair share, when we could make west side pay it?

  4. You mean to tell me that Black Gail Beatty raised taxes on other Black people - more so than she did White people? That is how Black people mistreat other Black people - and yes, it’s discrimination. Like I have said many, many times on this platform. Black people are the most fierce and staunch supporters of White Supremacy. Having Black people in positions of authority only further hurts other Black people. There’s not one Black leader who anybody can point to to say that their having been in a leadership position helped the plight of Black Americans to any real degree. Black people always abuse their authority and will do just about anything for a Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

    The notion that the properties are identified by parcel number is a joke. Yes, that parcel number is an easily identifiable code and can be translated into locations. Gail Beatty is one of the dumbest people I have ever come across. Fire her corrupt, discriminatory ass NOW!

  5. Its time for class action law suit against Jackson County



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