Monday, December 09, 2019

Considering EPIC Kansas City Corporate WELFARE For Waddell & Reed

Quick glimpse at local hypocrisy, broken campaign promises and the status quo for so-called Conservative welfare queen financial dudes . . . Take a look:

Waddell & Reed and the Border War

Having been granted $62 million worth of Missouri state subsidies, Waddell & Reed is asking for an additional $40 million in local tax breaks. The surprise here is that the additional local incentives are supported by the mayor of Kansas City, who campaigned for office promising to reform economic development incentives.


Anonymous said...

It’s called re-distribution of wealth, the taxpayers are forced to pay millions to the developers and the developers in turn give money back to the politicians, it’s all legal, just look at sleepy joe and hunter, really though, they all do it so it’s ok.

Anonymous said...

How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

Way too much money flowing around in the corporate welfare game. It will not end at the local level. The states could corral it but mostly they are content to let the fools have their way.